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  • 4 Ways to Cut a Cigar - wikiHow

    Step 1, Select the correct end of the cigar to cut. This is the end of the cigar that goes in your mouth and is called the head of a cigar. The opposite end of the cigar is known as the foot. The head is distinguishable by the fact that it has a cap on it, a round piece of tobacco that is stuck onto the head in order to keep the wrapper of the cigar together.1 X Research source The head is also Step 2, Identify where the "shoulder" of the cigar ends. The shoulder is where the curved end

  • How To Cut A Cigar: The Complete Guide Cigars Haven

    While firmly holding your cigar, carefully place the cutter at the area you want to remove. Typically, you only need to cut about 116 of an inch, but that will vary on personal preference. Very cautiously, bring the blades close to the area where the cut will be. Next, in a conclusive, speedy, fluid motion, chop off the cap by closing the blade.

  • How To Cut A Cigar Cigar Aficionado

    Start by identifying the shoulder of the cigar-the place where the curved end of the cigar starts to straighten out. This is where you'll make your cut. Place the head of the cigar inside the opening of the double-bladed cutter, and slightly close the blades so they are just touching the cigar.

  • Best Cigar Cutters How to Cut a Cigar Properly JR

    On a parejo (a parallel-sided cigar), this is typically 14-38 wherever the caps stops you should regard as your limit as to how far down you should cut. The best cut is one above this cap line, which will open up 75%-85% of the cigars surface.

  • 4 Easy Ways to Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter - wikiHow

    Roll the cigar in your hand to score around the cap. Lightly push the blade into the cap so it just cuts through the surface. Roll the cigar clockwise between your fingers so you cut around the circumference of the cap. Only apply light pressure to the blade so it doesnt slip. Cut around the cigar 23 times to help loosen the cap even more.

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  • How To Cut a Cigar: A Comprehensive Guide - He Spoke Style

    Look for the shoulder of the cigar, or the place where the rounded part of the cap starts to straighten out and flatten. This is where you want to make the cut. Ideally, you will be cutting about 116th of an inch (or 2 millimeters) from the tip. Put the cigar in your cutter and bring the blades so they are just touching the cigar.

  • How To Properly Cut A Cigar: Best Cutting Techniques For A

    Generally, you cut about 116th of an inch (2 mm) down the head. However, you can visually inspect the cigar and decide yourself where the best place is to cut with regards to the flag leaf. Hold the cigar close to the head. Place the guillotine or scissors over the cutting area.

  • How to Cut a Cigar The Art of Manliness

    KnifeMouth. In dire straits, its easy to improvise cutting a cigar. If you have a pocket knife on you, which you should, use it to make a crude, but effective cut. Sans even that option, use your chompers to make an even more crude cut by biting off just the end.

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