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    Plugging tobacco, commonly known as Plug, is a type of chewing tobacco that is manufactured into a square shape resembling a brick. Users of plug tobacco will bite or tear pieces off the main mass of tobacco for chewing or smoking with a pipe.

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    There are two main types of smokeless tobacco that have been traditionally marketed in the United States: chewing tobacco and moist snuff. Chewing tobacco is cured tobacco in the form of loose

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    Tobacco: Types. Flue-cured (40% of world tobacco production) Flue-cured is also known as "Bright" and "Virginia" by the world trade. It is used almost entirely in cigarette blends. Some of the heavier leaves may be used in mixtures for pipe smoking. Some English cigarettes are 100% flue-cured.

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    Types of Tobacco Products Smoking is by far the most common way people indulge in tobacco and feed their nicotine addiction. There are other delivery methods, such as chewing tobacco and replacement e-cigarettes but its estimated that close to 1 billion people still smoke worldwide.


    Dip-see Smokeless Tobacco Dissolvable Tobacco This type of tobacco is finely processed to dissolve on the tongue or in the mouth. Varieties include strips, sticks,orbs and compressed tobacco lozenges. They are smoke and spit free, are held together by food-grade binders and look similar to a breath mint or candy.

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    Every tobacco plant has four primary tiers of leaves, plus the less commonly used section at the very top of the plant. 5 Tiers of the Tobacco Plant: Leaf Location Matters. Leaves from different parts of the tobacco plant are used in specific areas of cigar construction, and each leaf has its own name: Ligero, Viso, Seco, Volado, and Medio Tiempo.

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    Types of pipe tobacco Pressed cut tobacco blends These are less common cuts, but much loved by more experienced smokers who appreciate their qualities of preserving the aroma of the leaves. Most of these cuts require tobacco preparation before the pipe can be loaded.

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