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    Whitetail Smokeless is a tobacco-free dip thats available with or without nicotine. This product is also made without sugar, molasses, or honey. Instead, Whitetail Smokeless dip uses xylitol to add a slight sweetness. These products are specially crafted to look, taste, feel, and pack like traditional tobacco dip without any of the health risks.

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    Jake's Mint Chew has helped thousands quit dipping tobacco. Order some today and be one of them! Jake's Mint Chew is made from quality mint. It has no tobacco, no nicotine, and no sugar. You still get great taste and something healthy in your lip. And you can swallow the juices. Mint is great for your digestion!

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    Are there any good sources of organic chewing tobacco that have minimal additives and are from a trusted company? Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

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    American Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product sometimes referred to as "dip". American snuff is manufactured in USA and is a traditional American tobacco product with a long history. We offer a wide range of American snuff with popular brands such as Grizzly, Copenhagen, Skoal, Klondike, Longhorn, Timber Wolf, Stoker's, Kayak, Red Seal and Husky. We have a wide range of fine cut snuff and long cut snuff.

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    This Organic Burley leaf has an even darker, more redbrown color, and packs a more of a robust flavor that American tobacco blends are famous for. This leaf carries an incredibly distinct scent, unique to American grown Burley leaves.

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    Organic tobacco contains anti-inflammatory effects at multiple levels, from T-cells through CNS vaguscholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway. In addition, it can fight against some diseases, such as asthma, allergies, ulcerative colitis, IBD, colon cancer, aphthous ulcers, arthritis, pre-eclampsia, endotoxemia, polymicrobial sepsis that happen because of the bad immune in the body.

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