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    The jurisdiction with the highest tax rate on cigarettes is currently the District of Columbia at $4.98 for a pack of 20. New York and Connecticut are tied for second at $4.3520-pack. Comparing tax rates for other tobacco products is difficult as some states levy a per unit rate and others take a percentage of wholesale or manufacturer prices.

  • Federal and State Cigarette Excise Taxes --- United States

    As a funding mechanism for the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), the federal

  • Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes Tax Foundation

    The nations first federal cigarette tax was enacted in 1864 as a Civil War revenue measure. In 2005 the federal cigarette tax stood at 37 cents per pack. The nations first state-level cigarette excise tax was enacted in Iowa in 1921. By 1969 all 50 U.S. states had followed suit. In 2005 state-level cigarette taxes ranged from 7 cents per pack in South Carolina to $2.46 per pack in Rhode Island.

  • Tobacco TaxCigarette Tax Definition

    A tobacco or cigarette tax is a tax imposed on all tobacco products by various levels of government, often with the alleged goal of reducing tobacco use or at least generating revenues earmarked to

  • Cigarette Tax Increases - Tax Admin

    112003. District of Columbia. $1.50. $2.50. 1012009. District of Columbia. $2.50. $4.50. 1012018.

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