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    The pipe itself, a single-piece construct consisting of the bowl-stem, the water container, and a drawtube at least 3 inches, but some can be up to 12 inches in length. Some are straight with a "Joint" (Sandblasted top part of stem, usually about 1 inch long, and all the way around, tapered or cone shaped, so the tapered, or "cone shaped" bowl will fit in)some are bent to resemble a crane.

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    The water placed within bong provides an enjoyable yet flavorful and potent smoking experience. By placing water within the base of the glass bong, the smoker utilizes the filtration system available in it. Bongs have been around for thousands of years and are one of the oldest and most reliable smoking devices you can use. As one of the most complex smoking mechanisms, bongs contain several working parts that create the smoking experience youve come to love. Like in any other smoking

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    5.5" Hexapod Queen Ant Animal Glass Smoking Hand Pipe High Quality Glass $29.99 $69 .00. SALE 21" Monster Zong Water Pipe - Pentakinked Double Zong $119.99 $360

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    Bongs & Water Pipes for Any Budget. Glass water pipes and bongs are more efficient, powerful, and easier on the throat and lungs than many other smoking methods, thanks to water percolation. Between glass and silicone bongs, we've got the best selection on the web.

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    The water pipe is a broad classification of pipe and can include everything from bongs to bubblers depending on how much and what youre smoking. No matter what you choose, however, you're going to be smoking it out of a great pipe at an even better price when you shop with SMOKEA. There are many water bong styles to choose from, but all

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    Shop our extensive selection of bongs and water pipes - online at the best prices and designed with the highest quality quality borosilicate glass or silicone. Free shipping anywhere in the USA at Smoke Cartel, your favorite online headshop - the best place to get your next bong.

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    Bongs and water pipes are smoking devices that are very much alike. They both have a compartment where you can put in some water for water filtration. The water filtration will cool the smoke down and give you a smoother hit. The main difference between these two smoking devices is the appearance.

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    Our main categories for bongs are bongs under $50 & bongs under $100. Mile High Glass Pipes carries starter bongs under $20 that perform well for lighter smokers or beginner bong users. You don't have to spend a ton of money to get a high-quality, user-friendly water pipe.

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