white burley tobacco seeds

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  • Burley Tobacco Seed Varieties - New Hope Seed Company

    Burley 21 Tobacco Seeds 'Burley 21' grows five to six feet in height. Its leaves are large (eleven inches wide by twenty-six long), and historically used for cigarette and pipe tobacco blending.

  • Kentucky Tobacco Seeds

    CIGARETTE SEEDS. CIGAR SEEDS. PIPE SEEDS. Kentucky 15. KY15, as it's more commonly known, is a white stemmed high yielding Kentucky Burley. It has good resistance to most tobacco diseases. It is a columnar formed plant with large closely spaced leaves. Our grows have produced no suckers.

  • Tobacco Seeds - Burley NEW! - Leaf Only

    Please Note: By trade, we are tobacco procurers. Although we work closely with farmers, we do not actually grow the tobacco we sell on our website. For questions about how to grow, cure, or ferment tobacco, we will share as much knowledge as possible, but our hands-on experience is limited. 25 - 50 seeds per pack. All of our tobacco seeds are open pollinated.

  • Blending - White Burley - Pipes and Cigars

    1 Star. 0. Write a Review. Blending - White Burley is a solid, fundamental tobacco. It's slow-burning, so it can be used to tame a hot blend and the flavor is rather neutral, somewhat reminiscent of walnut or pecan with hints of cocoa. It's useful in blends that seem to be a little too strong flavor-wise, as it can soften the taste of the tobacco.

  • Burley tobacco Mac Baren Tobacco Company

    Burley became rather late a tool in the toolbox of the tobacco blender. The origin of Burley tobacco was credited to George Webb and Joseph Fore in 1864. They had brought seeds from Kentucky to southern Ohio, seeds from a tobacco plant that had developed other leaves than the normal tobacco grown in Kentucky. The leaves were thinner than those grown in Kentucky and the colour was kind of shaded from white to yellowish.

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  • Bonanza Tobacco Seeds from Victory Seeds

    It was bred as a stabilized cross between 'White Burley' and ' Yellow Orinoco ' and said to possess the qualities of both parents. These traits include hardiness tougher than the 'White Burley' and more porous than ' Yellow Orinoco '. Our seed stock originated from USDA accession number PI 552300.

  • How to Grow Burley Tobacco Guide to Growing Burley Tobacco

    Since tobacco seed are very small (300,000 or more per ounce), they should be sown in a greenhouse or in a protected area. The soil should be free of weed seed and disease organisms. A flower pot would be a satisfactory container if only a few transplants will be needed. Sprinkle the seed on the soil surface, then firm the soil surface to insure good seed to soil contact. Irrigate with a very fine spray, or add water to a saucer under the flower pot.

  • Burley Seed Varieties - Workman Tobacco

    A late maturing upright variety with high yield potential, very similar to KT 206 LC. KT 209 LC has the highest resistance to black shank (Race 0 and I) of any burley in the Industry. It has the highest resistance to black root rot, resistant to wildfire, tobacco mosaic virus, tobacco vein mottling virus, and tobacco etch virus.

  • White Burley vs. Red burley Fair Trade Tobacco - How to

    The White Burley had its origin in Brown county Ohio. A farmer named George Webb, living near Higginsport, in that county, in the year 1864 sowed his seed-bed with Red Burley seed, which is said to have come from the farm of Joseph W. Barkley, of Bracken county, Kentucky. The plants came up and except in one particular spot were very healthy.

  • Heirloom Tobacco Seeds from the New Hope Seed Company

    Tobacco Seed Types and Varieties that We Grow and Preserve. As of the 2017 season I will no longer be directly fulfilling tobacco seed orders, you can still purchase all my seeds through an exclusive arrangement with our friends at the Victory Seed Company who will be offering my seeds and you will continue to receive the quality you have come to expect from my seed.

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