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    A beedi from Hindi also spelled bidi or biri) is a thin, often flavoured, South Asian cigarette made of tobacco wrapped in a tendu (or temburini Diospyros melonoxylon) leaf, and secured with coloured thread at one end. Beedies, though smaller than regular cigarettes, produce three times more carbon monoxide and nicotine, and five times more tar.

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    Tobacco content in bidi is 10-20% and, unlike regular cigarettes, bidi do not contain added chemicals.citation needed Like all tobacco products, use can cause various cancers. Beedi-rolling is a cottage industry in India and is typically done by women in their homes. The process of rolling a beedi is similar to that of a handmade cigarette.

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    Bidi cigarettes contain three to five times more nicotine than traditional cigarettes. Bidi cigarettes contain more tar and carbon monoxide than regular cigarettes. Bidi smokers breathe in higher levels of toxins, because bidis don't have chemicals added to help with combustion. Smokers must draw on a bidi cigarette more often and with more

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    Bidis are a combustible tobacco product. Smoke from a bidi contains three to five times the amount of nicotine as a regular cigarette and places users at risk for nicotine addiction. 7 Bidi smoking increases the risk for oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and esophageal cancer. 6,8,9,10

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    Each bidi cigarette is loaded with cancer-causing, chromosome-damaging, genetic poisons, far more than are found in a regular cigarette. "The safe alternative" also contains two to three times the tar and nicotine of regular cigarettes. In a chilling experiment, smoke from regular cigarettes and bidis was given to Swiss albino mice.

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