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  • Britain at War: Rumbled for tobacco smuggling - Telegraph

    I seem to remember that a big factor in all this was the question of which branch of the service had the most liberal attitude to smoking, which we were all addicted to at the time.

  • Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary

    Pipe Cherry Ripe He does a cherry [Cherry Ripe is an Australian chocolate bar - although this may be Aussie slang rather than Cockney I've included it since I've received so many submissions for it.

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  • Balmy weather means more butterflies are fluttering by

    Unusual features of figure carved into 2,000-year-old tobacco pipe do NOT depict dwarfism as previously thought, but reveal iodine deficiency in ancient Ohio Valley, study claims

  • The interesting narrative of the life of Olaudah Equiano: or

    All the admirals and captains of the men of war, full dreſſed, and in their barges, well ornamented with pendants, came alongſide of the Namur. The vice-admiral then went on ſhore in his barge, followed by the other officers in order of ſeniority, to take poſſeſſion, as I ſuppoſe, of the town and fort.

  • An account of the European settlements in America: In six

    That ſome are loaded with a lumber of matter that can intereſt very few, and that others obſcure the truth in many particulars, to gratify the low prejudices of parties, and I may ſay of nations.

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  • The Poet and The Lunatics - gkc.org.uk

    "I can't think how you can do it," she said, "on the very place where a man has hung himself like Judas." "It was the treason, not the despair of Judas, that was really bad," he answered. "I was just thinking of something like that for the picture.

  • Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series

    Charlotte Mason was so alarmed at the way Montessori's ideas were sweeping the educational world, that she wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper, which you can read about here.] but, "To all wildly popular

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  • Another “Other”: British Public Opinion, National Identity

    Abstract. This chapter examines British perceptions of the Netherlands during the period 1785-1815, outlining what British public opinion thought of their near neighbour and commercial and colonial rival, as well as interrogating the place of the Dutch as an “other” in the British national psyche.

  • Extracts — The Marine Quarterly

    Maigret is an assemblage of illustrative tics — the eternal pipe stuffed with army-strength tobacco, the rides on buses with open platforms, domestic life with Madame Maigret. Like most myths, these hide the truth.

  • Bits and pieces Volume V - godfreydykes.info

    For more than a hundred years before 1953, seamen in the Royal Navy were allowed to buy tobacco leaf duty-free. They formed this into a roll and pressed it by coiling a thin rope tightly round it. When they wanted a smoke, they unwound the rope a turn and sliced off a pipeful or pressing plug.

  • America and West Indies: August 1701, 16-20 | British History

    Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 19, 1701. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

  • Mashariaz: The Nigger of the Narcissus

    Beside them the short, dumpy sailmaker -- who had been in the Navy -- related, between the whiffs of his pipe, impossible stories about Admirals. Couples tramped backwards and forwards, keeping step and balance without effort, in a confined space.

  • DEFENCE (Hansard, 16 March 1950) - api.parliament.uk

    I say there is a limit to the amount of money which the Air Force can spend on equipment; while they do purchase large numbers of jet aircraft, they could not afford to buy the full output, and, unless overseas sales were permitted, there would be no option but to cut down production.

  • [TCP] Anglorum speculum, or, The worthies of England in

    There was a Trium­ [] rate of Admirals, for the North, South, and West; the Jurisdiction of the first reached from the Mouth of the Thames, to the outmost Orcades, and had [] mouth for his prime residence.

  • Latest Posts - ntsusa.org

    Sometimes excavation is also necessary to manage change at Trust properties, such as installing a new water pipe or carrying out building repairs. This can be a great opportunity to make new discoveries, especially if a place has a long and complex history.

  • Wildlife gardening in a mediterranean climate gardening

    In the weekly market in our Athens suburb you can actually buy nettle leaves in the spring to dry for infusions, to add raw to salads or to boil as a vegetable like spinach. Like spinach they are a good source of iron and vitamin C.

  • Compilation_Geoff_Gladys_Letters - Gowlland

    Geoffrey Price Gowlland was born in Croydon, England, on 5 th June 1908, the only child of Egbert and Beatrice Gowlland. He attended school in Croydon and graduated from The Royal College of Science in London in 1929, and thereafter spent his entire working life in the family business of Gowllands Limited in Croydon, manufacturers of surgical and ophthalmic instruments.


    called Wright of CLAPHAM in approximately 1880, at that time [1885] being used by a small tobacco company as their logo called Parkins of Chester, calling their product Jack's Glory, a mainly pipe tobacco product.

  • European Union: 7 Dec 1995: House of Commons debates

    I can assure the Foreign Secretary that one of our first acts in this area when we take office will be to end the shameful isolation into which the Government have boxed Britain over the social chapter, on which their only ally throughout the European Union is the French National Front.

  • The Project Gutenberg eBook of Foundations of Japan, by J. W

    While we drank tea some choice specimens were displayed before a screen of unrelieved gold. In the room in which we sat the farmer had arranged in a bowl of water Page 53 with great effectiveness hydrangea, a spray of pomegranate and a cabbage.

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