what is an acid cigar

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  • What Are ACID Cigars? NewAir

    ACID cigars come in four lines and their taste is almost impossible to describe, even for die-hard fans. Over 140 different herbs, oils, and botanical ingredients are used in the production process. No two ACID cigars are ever quite the same, but in general they have a medium body, an easy draw, and produce nice, solid ash.

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    Founded in 1999, ACID cigars are a combination of premium long-filler Nicaraguan tobaccos that are infused with a host of exotic herbs, spices, and rare botanicals. Furthermore, to make the ACID brand truly standout, Jonathan and Marvin turned to renowned Graffiti Artist Scott ACID Chester who adds his stunning graffiti-like artistry to every box and cigar band in the Acid lineup.

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  • ACID Cigars - CIGAR

    With a tagline, the rebirth of cigars, ACID cigars are an experience like no other in the handmade cigar industry. Handcrafted with premium whole-leaf, long-filler tobacco in Esteli, Nicaragua, ACID cigars are cured and blended through a process unique to Drew Estate.

  • Famous Smoke Shop Guide to ACID Cigars

    ACID RED Served without a sweetened cap, ACID Red cigars are a potent mash-up of fuller-bodied Nicaraguan tobaccos and bold black tobaccos. It's a rich combo that begs to be infused with the heaviest aromatics, resulting in the Red band selections - like Liquid and Nasty - that smoke with an intense fragrance.

  • ACID - Thompson Cigar

    Acid cigars uses hundreds of herbs and oils to produce unique tobacco blends. Buy Acid Krush, G-Fresh or Subculture and look for free shipping at Thompson Cigar. FREE Standard Shipping On Orders $125+ 1-800-237-2559Track Your Order

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  • Acid Flavored Cigars

    ACID GOLD CIGARS . Acid Atom Maduro This cigar is the only cigar made by Drew Estates where the depth and fullness of the tobacco overwhelms the herbs and oils in which its cured. A great medium to full bodied maduro cigar. 24 Cigars Size: 5x50 . Acid Earthiness Unquestionably the fullest bodied cigar in the whole Acid cigar line.

  • What Makes ACID Cigars Different? - Cigar Advisor

    Acid cigars are the most unique brand of cigars currently in the market. This might not be obvious to an innocent observer especially while the cigars are still in their cellos. As a matter of fact, they resemble most of the premium handmade cigar brands in the market.

  • Acid Cigars We will beat any price by $10

    Acid cigars with the blue band are mellow-medium in body with a sweet and very aromatic infusion. Acid cigars Red line cigars including Liquid and Nasty are blended using a robust recipe of ripe black tobaccos. A touch bolder then the Blue line, Acid cigars bearing the Red bands are known for their robust aroma and satisfying medium body. Acid cigars bearing the Gold bands like Cold Infusion Tea, Acid Atom Maduro, and Acid Earthiness offer a light and refreshing aroma and flavor.

  • ACID Cigars - Drew Estate

    The ACID cigars smoking experience is like no other. Each blend holds new explorations in tobacco curing and blending that are the closest guarded secrets.

  • Drew Estate : The Rebirth of Cigars

    1 How to Pair an ACID Part 3: ACID Purple Infusion ACID Cigars are like nothing else on the market. They mix premium tobaccos with high quality infusions to create a profile that is distinct.

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