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  • Jamestown -

    The role of Jamestown in the history of the United States of America.

  • The Tidewater Gentry -

    These Virginian aristocrats got their name from an area. The Tidewater (also called Coastal Plain) is a region in east Virginia, comprising a near sea level alluvial plain subject to tides.

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  • BBC - History - Scottish History

    The interactive Scottish History Site of BBC Online. The Industrial Revolution (II) The Tobacco Trade

  • HISTORY - Georgetown/Scott County Tourism

    Uncover the rich history of Georgetown/Scott County, Kentucky. Kentucky's fastest-growing city has historically been an overachiever. From its earliest days, stretching back 450 million years to the Ordovician Period when the area lay beneath a shallow sea, the land that would become Georgetown/Scott County distinguished itself with rich and varied forests and salt licks and springs that

  • the select surnames website

    Atkins is a pet-form of Adam, the -"kins" suffix denoting "the little one." The early spelling was Adekyn, which then became Adkin and Adkins. In England these names changed over time to Atkins, in some places to Atkin, and in Scotland to Aitken.

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  • BBC - Primary History - Famous People - Pocahontas

    Pocahontas was one of the first Native Americans to visit Britain. She married an Englishman. She helped her people make friends with colonists who had come to America from Britain. When did she

  • The Prizery cultural & performing arts center in Southern

    With its unique architecture, blending elements of our area's rich tobacco history, The Prizery has several unique spaces to help customize your event.

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  • Jamestown: Facts & History - Live Science

    Credit: Preservation Virginia New Towne. As the Virginia colony grew, Jamestown developed into a thriving port town. Thousands of colonists either passed through to start tobacco plantations

  • History of Advertising Trust

    British Arrows The British Arrows Awards celebrates the very best commercials and film that the British ad industry has to offer. 2018 Awards

  • Halifax, Virginia - Official Site

    Small Town Charm, Relaxed Rural Retreat, Wired to the World. Located in the southern piedmont of Virginia, this historic county seat Town of Halifax has been admired for its handsome houses, churches, and lush landscaping for over a century.

  • Constitution of the United States—A History | National Archives

    The Virginia Plan. On Tuesday morning, May 29, Edmund Randolph, the tall, 34-year- old governor of Virginia, opened the debate with a long speech decrying the evils that had befallen the country under the Articles of Confederation and stressing the need for creating a strong national government.

  • Useful dates in British history - John Owen Smith - author

    British Local History and Genealogy - useful dates timechart

  • Whitehaven - Official Site

    Whitehaven and the Virginian Tobacco Trade Read about Whitehaven's role as the tobacco trading hub for Europe & the links with the early US colonies.

  • Berkshire Local History Association Bibliography

    Author Title Publisher; Carter, John and Jacqueline Smith: Give and take - scenes from the history of Christ?s Hospital, Abingdon, 1553 - 1900: Privately published

  • Evolution and Improvement of Carrots from 1500 to 1700

    History of the carrot part four. The Middle Ages was dominated by Galenism. A good example was the Galenic handbook “The Castel of Helthe” (1541) by Sir Thomas Elyot (1490-1546) who praised “moderate lyvinge” and warns readers to avoid extremes in eating, drinking and sleeping as well as “immoderate” “affectes and passions” harmful to both physical and spiritual well being.

  • NHS managing bodies

    The second world war had created a housing crisis. Alongside post-war rebuilding of existing cities, and the designation of overspill areas, the New Towns Act 1946 led to major new centres of population.

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