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  • Tobacco Reviews Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) - Velvet

    Original review: I haven't seen Velvet anywhere in my area for a long time. I used to smoke it as a change of pace from my usual standby, Half & Half. Velvet seemed less harsh than some of the other burleys, although it had less flavor.

  • Tobacco Reviews Torben Dansk - Black Velvet

    Black Velvet is a great smoking pipe tobacco that my girlfriend bought me for an early xmass present this past November at a pipe show in Albany, New York. It was a hit with my fellow pipe smokers at the shop.

  • Velvet Pipe Tobacco - TobaccoPipes

    PERFECT entry level smoke. The velvet will always forgive. A loyal dog that would never bite its master Can leave a bit of a film If you huff and puff, but that's just to teach you. Mellllllloowwwwwwww. If you WERE to try to quit smoking cigs with a pipe, which I wouldn't necessarily advise, velvet is the bold you want to do it with.

  • Tobacco Reviews Mac Baren - Green Velvet

    Despite the dark colour of the velvet tobacco - a result of the fermentation process - it is soft, gentle and very 'tongue-friendly'. The tobacco burns slowly and develops more and more flavour and aroma.

  • Tobacco Reviews Mac Baren - Red Velvet

    This is a nice tobacco, not so dry and that will reflect on your tries to lit it. The smell is good as well as the tobacco flavor. In my opinion I think green velvet is better than the Red one. Nobody has rated this review yet.

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  • Velvet - Pipes and Cigars

    Although it does not contain Virginia tobacco, Velvet has a really nice subtle sweetness that accents the nutty burley taste. The room note is quite nice and not overbearing, I've been told its like oatmeal cookies.

  • Velvet Pipe Tobacco - Cigars International

    Velvet is a smooth, no bite burley with a taste all its own. It is 1 of the tobacco's I first smoked 50 years ago when I first picked up a pipe. It's just as naturally fragrant and tasty now as it was then. Good by itself or as the base for a blend: mix with 1 oz. Blending Perique and .5 oz Green River Black Cavendish.

  • Velvet Tobacco - OZE

    Smooth, luxurious velvet tobacco tastes just like it sounds: as if you are sliding on your favorite soft sweater. Comforting, relaxing, and just so good.

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