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    American Chew or Chewing Tobacco as it is sometimes referred to is a smokeless tobacco product with a long tradition. Chewing tobacco has been manufactured and used in the USA for hundreds of years. We have a large selection of chewing tobacco brands such as Red man, Levi Garrett, Days Work and Mail Pouch. Items 1 - 12 of 50

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    U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company manufactures smokeless tobacco products, notably dipping tobacco, but also chewing tobacco, snus, and dry snuff and is a subsidiary of Altria. Its corporate headquarters are located in Richmond, Virginia, and it maintains factories in Clarksville and Nashville, Tennessee, Franklin Park, Illinois, and Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Copenhagen and Skoal are the company's leading brands, and each represents more than $1 billion per year in retail sales. It also sells similar

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    Are you ready to quit? Mint Snuff is a non-tobacco, herbal chew made of mint instead of tobacco. Safe to eat, safe to swallow. Non-addictive, healthy alternative to chewing tobacco and cigarettes, Made in the USA.

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    Red Man 2oz Plug Chewing Tobacco is, just as the name indicates, a plug style chewing tobacco product. Meaning its tobacco leaves that are pressed into a square, brick-like mass. From this, pieces are bitten off or cut and then chewed. Red Man 2oz Plug has a traditional tobacco flavour and is manufactured by The Pinkerton Tobacco Company.

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    American Snuff Co. is the second-largest smokeless tobacco products manufacturer in the U.S., and a subsidiary of publicly traded Reynolds American Inc. (RAI)

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    Introduced in 1934, Skoal is the number two premium moist smokeless tobacco brand in the U.S. It comes in fine cut, long cut and two different pouch forms Skoal Pouches and Skoal Bandits. Skoal guarantees freshness through its distinctive FreshSnap can, which features a Guaranteed Fresh Until date on the bottom.

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    ALL THINGS TOBACCO. From cigars, moist tobacco, traditional chewing tobacco, or roll your own cigarettes Dirt Cheap is your home for all things tobacco. We also have a full selection of accessories like pipes, filters and cleaners too. Like we said, everything you need for cheap tobacco and smoking in St. Louis.

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    Chewing Tobacco. Main Navigation. HOME SIGN IN Days Work Chew 15 Plugs: Terms and Conditions About Us Help Site Map 5113 Richmond Rd Ringwood, IL 60072

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