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  • [No title]|1918-08-23|The Carmarthen Journal and South Wales

    Two munition workers were summoned at Llanelly Police Court on Wednesday in last week for being in possession of a match and tobacco respectively at a munition factory. Defendants were Sidney Phillips, 42, St. Catherine-street, Carmarthen, and John Anthony Davies, 4, Gwscwm Road, Burrv Port.

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  • Welsh Newspapers Online WORKMEN'S TOPICS. -=|1888-09-29|The

    A DANGER OF IHE PAST. Napoleon III. and England. "The more one reads it, tll" more one ap- preciates the noble qualities of the monarch." This is the verdict of the Dotty New. cor- respondent at Berlin on the diary of the Emperor Frederick.

  • Jennifer King becomes a YouTube sensation after revealing

    Pennsylvania father gave his 12-year-old son opioid pills and chewing tobacco and had 'parties' where they did whippits together Well-known psychologist and author, 52, hangs herself in her New

  • Antiview - Charlie's Diary - Antipope

    3: Sean, that never happened! There were no witnesses and you can't prove it, so it didn't happen. Notwithstanding the slanderous rumors about Cory organizing a Mechanical Turk to look for us in the Earth resources satellite footage of the North Sea, after the tidal wave swamped our coracles.

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  • THE SOUDAN.|1884-08-09|Weekly Mail - Papurau Newydd Cymru Arlein

    His large tobacco manufactories were confiscated by the Mahdi. The Mahdi issued a proclamation before the Ramadan to the Soudan Sheiks, in which he said, Ye who do not submit to me in a short time will be sold as slaves.

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    </a> Collins Wetangula, the vice chairman of the student union, said when the gunmen arrived at his dormitory he could hear them opening doors and asking if the people who had hidden inside whether they were Muslims or Christians.

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  • Painted Veils - The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia

    PREFACE . Painted Veils is the literary turnstile into lubricious, hard-drinking, wise-cracking twentieth-century New York, as Huneker was himself the incarnation of the cultured bohemianism of the glamorous days when the city was young, irresponsible, Dionysian.

  • Advertising|1881-05-09|South Wales Daily News - Papurau

    NICHOLLS'S BOSS TOBACCO (Strong) I NICHOLLS'S ADMIRALTY MIXTURE (Medium) NICHOLLS'S BEST BIRD'S EYE (Mild) NICHOLLS'S FLAKED HONEYDEW (Mild) SBPER SHAGS, Cut wid Cake CAVENDISH, Virginia u4 Turkey Tuck and Thin TWISTS, and all ether Qualities of Saaokin^ and Chewing Tobaooo manufactured by W. F. NICHOLLS AND CO.

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    In addition though, he tells about the 1930's when as a strong and confident young man, he fought Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists who used to provoke the Jewish community in the East End of London with their anti-semitic rhetoric.

  • Madame Bovary (full text in English, Eleanor Marx Aveling

    Full text. MADAME BOVARY By Gustave Flaubert Translated from the French by Eleanor Marx-Aveling To Marie-Antoine-Jules Senard Member of the Paris Bar, Ex-President of the National Assembly, and Former Minister of the Interior Dear and Illustrious Friend, Permit me to inscribe your name at the head of this book, and above its dedication; for it is to you, before all, that I owe its publication.

  • Syracuse | Eight wonders of the world!!

    chewing non gel fentanyl patches Exceptions are granted only to save the mother's life, or if continuing a pregnancy risks “substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function” for the mother. The physician is required to try to save the life of the fetus.

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    Most importantly, if Rodriguez truly felt the Yankees fabricated the Grade 1 left quadriceps strain that postponed his comeback by two weeks, itâ s baffling that he didnâ t simply file a grievance through his extremely powerful union.

  • Creating Custom Routes in Your NopCommerce Plugin - nopHub

    Something that we have to do often as plugin developers is create custom routes for our plugins. Custom routes are URL's that load certain Views in your plugin.

  • Make Your Pledge | White Ribbon Scotland

    The Generic Medicines Group is a sector union of Medicines respecting Europe, representing the generic medicines developers and manufacturers. Driving down the costs of existing drugs and developing latest ones means people can afford the medicines they need.

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