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    As of 2020, the tax rate applied to a packet of cigarettes was 244.78 per 1,000 cigarettes plus 16.5% of the retail price. In laymans terms that means, that on a 9 packet of cigarettes, someone will be paying approximately 7.20 in tobacco tax, with around 80% of the price of a packet of cigarettes is now made up of tax.

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    Cigarettes. 16.5% of the retail price plus 5.26 on a packet of 20. Cigars. 3.28 on a 10g cigar. Hand rolling tobacco. 9.07 on a 30g packet. Other smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco (for

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    Tobacco tax, raising tobacco duty by 2% above the rate of inflation each year, to discourage consumption while raising revenue1. as a consequence, these tax increases have shifted consumption from the legal to the illegal tobacco market, reducing potential tax revenues. Overview tax on cigarettes is made up of specific duty of 196.42 per 1,000

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    Currently RPI is sitting at 4.9%, which means cigarettes go up by 6.9% and rolling tobacco by a whopping 10.9%.

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    The tax hike follows last year's decision to ban menthol and flavoured cigarette in an attempt to cut down smoking. Elsewhere in the Budget, Sunak announced UK's 'biggest cut to beer duty in 50

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    King James I, King of England and Ireland, imposed the first levy on tobacco in 1604, an import tax of 6 shillings 10 pence to the pound. Today, Ireland and the United Kingdom levy the highest excise duties on cigarettes in the European Union (EU), at 7.57 (US $8.93) and 6.57 ($7.75) per 20-cigarette pack, respectively. This compares to an EU average of 3.09 ($3.64).

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