tobacco pests and diseases

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  • Tobacco Diseases and Pests, Description, Uses, Propagation

    Common Pests and Diseases. Alternaria leaf spot (Brown spot) Alternaria alternata. Closeup of brown spot. Brown spot on tobacco. Symptoms of brown spot. Alternaria Brown spot Blue mold Peronospora tabacina. Frogeye leaf spot Cercospora nicotianae. Black shank Phytophthora parasitica. Collar rot

  • Tobacco - List of tobacco pests and diseases - INRA

    List of Tobacco Pests and Diseases . Parasitic Diseases . Fungal diseases . Airborne Fungi - Alternaria alternata (Brown spot, Alternaria leaf spot) - Botrytis cinerea (Grey mould) - Cercospora nicotianae (Frog-eye) - Colletotrichum tabacum (Anthracnose) - Golovinomyces cichoracearum var. cichoracearum (White mould, Powdery mildew)

  • Major disease pests of tobacco - Bugwoodwiki

    Root-knot nematode is the most prevalent tobacco damaging nematode type. These nematodes will cause tobacco plants to be stunted and exhibit symptoms of nutrient deficiencies. Plants with severe damage will wilt during the heat of the day. Knots or galls will develop on the roots and will range from pinhead to golf ball size.

  • Insects - Tobacco Growers Information NC State Extension

    This section describes the key pests in the tobacco agroecosystem, associated thresholds, and management tools. Specific information on registered pesticides, rates, and use recommendations can be found in the North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual. Key tobacco pests. Greenhouse pests. Wireworms. White fringed beetle. Cutworms. Grasshoppers

  • Tobacco treatments, most common diseases and pests of this

    Tobacco Blue Mold Disease (Peronospora tabacina): This disease is considered one of the most serious diseases of the tobacco as is causes considerable damage. This fungus can attack both the fully-grown plant and the seedlings. On the superior sides of the leaves yellow spots, with diffuse edges can be seen.

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    Bacterial wilt is the most serious of the soilborne diseases of tobacco in South Carolina. It is very difficult to manage. The disease is concentrated in the easternmost counties in the Pee Dee Region, but is present and increasing in severity in other important tobaccoproducing counties.

  • Tobacco: Diseases and Symptoms Vikaspedia

    Tobacco: Diseases and Symptoms Damping off. Damping off of tobacco occurs in two stages, i.e. the pre-emergence and the post-emergence phase. In the Frog eye leaf spot. Disease appears both in nursery and field. Several small, round brown lesions with 2-10 mm diameter Leaf blight black


    TOBACCO DISEASES. This application incorporates in part the updated content of Dominique Blancard's book "TOBACCO DISEASES Observation, Identification & Control", published by Quae Editions. Please note that this module on pests is also part of ProDuTa (the information tool on the sustainable production of tobacco) created in collaboration

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