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    SAMPLE TOBACCO-FREE WORKPLACE POLICY. As of January 2018. This sample tobacco-free policy meets the requirements of theGold Standard. A simple, strong, and fair policy, applied consistently across an organization at all times is easier to enforce and the best way to reach the goal of creating a healthier workplace. PURPOSE.

  • Create a Smoke-free Workplace American Cancer Society

    A smoke-free workplace is good for everyone. Get tips for creating a healthier environment in your workplace. Tobacco in the Workplace: A Model Policy Employers concerned about their employees may be able to improve their health and help them be more productive by creating a tobacco-free workplace.

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  • CDC - Tobacco Smoke in the Workplace - NIOSH Workplace Safety

    A recent NIOSH report, Current Intelligence Bulletin 67: Promoting Health and Preventing Disease and Injury Through Workplace Tobacco Policies pdf icon, is aimed at preventing occupational illness related to tobacco use and secondhand smoke, while also improving the general health and well-being of workers. In the report, NIOSH recommends that all workplaces become tobacco-free and that employers make tobacco cessation programs available to workers.

  • Tobacco-Free Workplaces Smoke Free Business Tobacco Stops

    A tobacco-free workplace is good for business for several reasons. Tobacco-free workplaces eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke, which leads to happier customers and healthier employees. Improving workplace health also makes sense from a cost perspective, as a healthier workforce means reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism, increased productivity and morale, more profitability and a better work environment.

  • Tobacco Free Policy Human Resources

    A smoketobacco-free environment is an essential element to creating and maintaining a culture of health and safety at the university. We ask that you not smoke or use any tobacco products on campus. To review the SmokeTobacco-Free Policy, please visit the UCR Policies & Procedures website. What the Policy Means.

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  • Sample Tobacco-Free Policy - CUPHD

    ORGANIZATION NAME recognizes the hazards caused by tobacco use and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco product, including smokeless tobacco products and electronic cigarettes (regardless of tobacco content), and it applies to both employees and non- employee visitors of ORGANIZATION NAME.

  • Smoking and the Workplace - Workplace Fairness

    Some states have passed laws either requiring that the workplace be smoke free, or giving employers the right to declare their workplace smoke free. Other states have laws allowing employers to designate a specific "smoking area" that is separated from the workplace so employees may easily avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.


    Tobacco cessation assistance Policy review Description This policy promotes the health and safety of ORGANIZATION employees, clients, patients, and visitors by establishing a smoketobacco-free workplace. PurposeRationale Creating smoke and tobacco-free environments protects employees and the public from the harms

  • Tobacco-Use Cessation Workplace Health Resources Tools

    With downloadable posters, surveys, policy examples, pledge cards and other materials for both tobacco cessation and workplace tobacco-free strategies. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has created Tobacco Cessation: Guidance on Establishing Programs Designed to Help Employees Stop Using Tobacco

  • Smoke & Tobacco-Free Sample Communications

    According to the CDC, smoking bans and restriction lead to a reduction in the amount of daily smoking among student and an increase in the number of individuals who stop smoking. Smoketobacco-free campuses and workplaces reduce the risk of developing heart disease and lung cancer due to secondhand smoke exposure.

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