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    Official website of Timber Wolf Moist Snuff, a smokeless tobacco product. You must be an adult tobacco consumer 21 years of age or older to access this site.

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    Timber Wolf is an American Snuff by Pinkerton Tobacco Co. LP and is available as long cut, fine cut and pouches. Order today at northerner and benefit from the best prices and UPS shipping.

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  • Timber Wolf Smokeless Tobacco Wiki Fandom

    In October 2004, Timber Wolf Peach was launched in all areas except the West following a successful test market. It joined Long Cut and Fine Cut Wintergreen, Long Cut and Fine Cut Natural, Long Cut Mint, Long Cut Straight, and Long Cut Cool Wintergreen as the current lineup of the time.

  • Timber Wolf Long Cut Straight Review - The Northerner Blog

    In a fresh can, Timber Wolf Straight has a strong aroma of sweet, smoky tobacco, as well as what seems like just a tiny hint of wintergreen in the background. Pinches were definitely very tasty, and I felt that the sweet flavor helped to round out the smokiness of the tobacco to produce a very satisfying dip.

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    Timber Wolf. Timber Wolf Fine Cut Natural Timber Wolf Fine Cut Wintergreen Timber Wolf Long Cut Apple Timber Wolf Long Cut Cool Wintergreen Timber Wolf Long Cut Mint Timber Wolf Long Cut Natural Timber Wolf Long Cut Peach Timber Wolf Long Cut Wintergreen Timber Wolf Pouches Natural Timber Wolf Pouches Wintergreen BACCOFFS NO TOBACCO, NO NICOTINE DIP ALTERNATIVES

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    Timber Wolf - Long Cut Mint 6.00-oz SKU: 762446706204 Timber Wolf - Smokeless Tobacco 1.20-oz SKU: 762446704002 Timber Wolf - Smokeless Tobacco - Wintergreen - Long Cut 1.32-oz SKU: 762446000029

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    TimberWolfSnuff is a website of Pinkerton Tobacco Co. LP, which manufactures Timber Wolf Moist Snuff, a smokeless dip tobacco product. Pinkerton Tobacco, Co. LP, also manufactures Longhorn Moist Snuff and Red Man Moist Snuff. Pinkerton Tobacco Co. LP, only markets its tobacco products to tobacco consumers who are 21 years of age or older as

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