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    Swisher Sweets are one of the highest rated machine made cigars with a complex yet mellow taste. Order at Cigars.

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    At modest prices, Swisher Sweets cigars appeal to those who dont want to spend extravagantly to enjoy their daily smokes. Available in swisher sweets tipped, swisher sweets flavored, swisher sweets cigarillos and more. Look for little cigars, Pom Pom, originals, blunts, and popular flavors like peach, strawberry, grape and others!

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    Swisher Sweets are one of the most popular machine-made cigars on the market. This brand uses top-quality short filler tobaccos infused with an extensive variety of flavors to produce a sweet and mellow smoke that is uniquely Swisher Sweets. Available in several different sizes ranging from 3.5x20 to 6.12x44 to appeal to all different kinds of smokers, Swisher Sweet is a good choice for your shoppers looking for a top-notch, quick, and mouth-watering smoke.

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    Swisher in all shapes and sizes. Swisher Sweets cigars are a product of the United States and remain one of the top-selling machine made cigars in the business. Manufactured by Swisher International, the brand has been around since the late 1800s and continues to grow. Although we fancy ourselves as premium cigar gurus, we've received many requests from clients asking why we don't carry this ever popular brand so, here you go.

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    Made in the good ol US of A Swisher Sweets are a product of the United States, and have been one of the top-selling machine-made cigars for longer than most of us have been around. Originally made in the late 1800s, Swisher Sweets have never stopped growing. Now before you turn your nose up, if you havent tried these cigars, you may like to know this is one of the most requested

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    If youre new to cigar smoking, Swisher Sweets are a great cigar to try because they have a smooth flavor that will enhance your cigar smoking experience. Swisher Sweets has refined their brand to create the ultimate flavor in their cigars. Theyre never harsh and have a pleasant smell that youll enjoy. We carry a huge variety of Swisher Sweets in many styles and sizes. We maintain our cigars in a controlled environment, so they are delivered to your door at the peak of their freshness.

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