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    Shop sweet tobaccos at pipesandcigars. Flavor Intensity. 3 - Balanced (24) 1 Pipe Tobacco Package Size. 1.00 (42) 1.50 (13) 1.75 (21)

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    All of our flavorings come pre-mixed and in 2oz spray bottles and are ready to apply directly to tobacco. FOR FRONTOGRABA USE: 1. Open and fan out your tobacco leaf. 2. Place your fanned out leaf on a clean surface. 3. Spray the tobacco leaf with the bottle until it's surface is coated with the tobacco flavor. 4. Leave your tobacco leaf out to dry for at least 10 hours. 5. If your tobacco

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    Very nice tobacco. Tin note has fruit note that is very pleasant. Upon lighting, you get a very nice rush of flavor, lots of sweetness, followed by caramel later on in the bowel. This does come a little moist in the tin, so let it sit out for a few before backing. Very creamy smoke. The room note is very pleasant .will put this on the reorder list

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    Virginia is the source for most pipe tobacco: just under 70% of all pipe tobacco grown in the U.S. hails from Virginia this pipe tobacco typically has a somewhat delicate fruit like flavor with an overall sweetness. And, most aromatic and flavored blends have Virginia tobacco in them. Burley tobacco comes in a distant second to VA tobacco. Burley means air cured the curing is done in large open barns, ensuring good airflow over the tobacco, aged 1-3 months.

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    5. Mac Baren: Vanilla Cream. As you can tell, vanilla flavoring is one of the most popular toppings on Aromatic pipe tobaccos. No surprise there, vanilla's soft, creamy notes are a natural pairing to a variety of tobacco components, adding a nice rounded finish to many blends.

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    This easy smoking blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos has a light, sweet flavor with a wonderful rum note. Rich with Latakia, spiced with the finest Oriental leaf, mellowed with stoved Virginia and aged into a deeply satisfying blend of the worlds most exotic tobaccos.

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    Flavors like vanilla pipe tobacco and cherry pipe tobacco are very popular. Other flavors like mint, menthol, and more can be found in pipe tobacco cans and pouches. Here at Famous you will find each bag is insanely discounted to the point that even Sherlock Holmes could not logically deduce where you could get a better price.

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    It's a smooth, lightly sweet flavored tobacco without being overpowering on the tongue. That light sweetness feels natural to the tobacco too, not heavy as with some other cased products like the cherry or whiskey flavored aromatics, nothing against them.

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