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    Black Buffalo is the world's only smokeless tobacco alternative that delivers the same experience as traditional long cut and pouches, just without any tobacco leaf or stem. WARNING: This product contains nicotine.

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    American Chew or Chewing Tobacco as it is sometimes referred to is a smokeless tobacco product with a long tradition. Chewing tobacco has been manufactured and used in the USA for hundreds of years. We have a large selection of chewing tobacco brands such as Red man, Levi Garrett, Days Work and Mail Pouch. Items 1 - 12 of 50

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    WINTERGREEN Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Pouches are very strong, combining a menthol and wintergreen flavor. Designed to provide instant and long-lasting flavor, these pouches are a hit for adults looking for a tobacco-free alternative with the same great flavor as traditional chewing tobacco pouches. POUCHES 10 Cans - $35.95

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    In 2001, the five largest tobacco manufacturers spent $236.7 million on smokeless tobacco advertising and promotion. What is smokeless tobacco? There are two forms of smokeless tobacco: chewing tobacco and snuff. Chewing tobacco is usually sold as leaf tobacco (packaged in a pouch) or plug tobacco (in brick form).

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