smokeless tobacco and baseball and health

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  • Smokeless tobacco use and health effects among baseball

    The effects of smokeless tobacco (ST) use were studied in 1109 members of major and minor league professional baseball teams during spring training in 1988. The prevalence of current ST use was 39%. The median age at initiation among users was 18 years, and the median duration of use was 5 years.

  • Smokeless Tobacco Use and Health Effects Among Baseball

    Smokeless tobacco can cause cancer of the mouth, tongue, cheeks, gums, esophagus, and pancreas mouth sores and gum disease and gum recession (when the gum pulls away from the teeth). Not only that, but spitting out tobacco juice is disgusting. Despite these consequences, baseball players continue to use smokeless tobacco.

  • Snuffing Out Snuff: Baseball Restricts Smokeless Tobacco Use

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  • Health Groups Urge Baseball to Ban Smokeless Tobacco

    Smokeless tobacco The negative health effects associated with spit (smokeless) tobacco (ST) use include oral, pharyngeal, and oesophageal cancer,1oral leukoplakia2 3 (a premalignant lesion4), cardiovascular disease,5periodontal disease,6 and nicotine addiction.7 In addition, ST use has been shown to produce similar levels of nicotine in the body as does cigarette smoking.8

  • Spit (smokeless) tobacco use by high school baseball athletes

    Baseball, Youth, and Smokeless Tobacco. The headlines first came with baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. His all-too-early death at 54 was attributed to the long-term use of smokeless tobacco. Now its former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, who revealed on Aug. 20 that he was diagnosed in February with mouth cancer.

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  • Baseball, Youth, and Smokeless Tobacco - Health Care News

    A City of Chicago ordinance (Municipal Code 7-32-032) prohibits the use of smokeless tobacco at sporting event sites.This prohibition covers a wide variety of sites such as Wrigley Field and the United Center, college and high school basketball courts, park district soccer and baseball fields, and bowling alleys where league play takes place.

  • City of Chicago :: Smokeless Tobacco Use Prohibited at Sports

    As of May, smokeless tobacco is now banned in half of major-league stadiums. (The Mariners Safeco Field made for No. 15 of 30, when an ordinance passed by the King County Board of Health went

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