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    Smokeless Alternatives, Fake Dip and Fake Tobacco - KillTheCan. Alternatives to smokeless tobacco (also known as fake dip or fake tobacco) contain no nicotine and may help with oral fixation when quitting dip. Part of the reason that quitting chew is so difficult is that it's not just a mental & chemical battle.

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    BaccOff is the best chewing tobacco alternative and has been helping people quit smokeless tobacco for over 25 years now. On top of all that, our 7-step program is CLINICALLY PROVEN. There isnt a single clinically proven program that uses nuts, dried fruit, jerky or gumprobably because those other methods dont work nearly as well as using BaccOffsmoist snuff alternative.

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    Black Buffalo is the world's only smokeless chewing tobacco alternative that delivers the same experience as traditional dip pouches and long cut, just without any tobacco leaf or stem.

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    Because TeaZa Tobacco-Free Pouches are formulated by a physician with natural ingredients, they are the best tobacco-free, nicotine-free alternative to smokeless tobacco. Compared to other smokeless tobacco alternative pouches, TeaZa is preferred for its long-lasting flavor, superior nutrition profile and proven results.

  • Researchers study use of tobacco alternatives UIC Today

    The smokeless devices can be used in nonsmoking areas and are not regulated in most states. They do not carry FDA health warning labels. The study is following about 230 young adults, ages 18 to 30, who regularly use non-cigarette forms of tobacco. The participants carry electronic diaries to record how and when they use tobacco each day.

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  • Smokeless Alternative Reviews - Fake Dip, Fake Tobacco

    Triumph Classic (non-nicotine version) http:www.killthecantriumph-chew-review-tobacco-free-herbal-chew. There are a couple of coffee based products that Ive heard some Cope users enjoy. Personally I didnt see the similarity to Cope but again I was a Kodiak guy: Go Coffee Energy. http:www.killthecango-coffee-energy-review-a-cup-in-a-pinch.

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