side effects of smokeless tobacco

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  • Smokeless Tobacco: Health Effects CDC

    Smokeless Tobacco: Health Effects Addiction to Smokeless Tobacco. Smokeless tobacco contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. 1,2 Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer. Many smokeless tobacco products contain cancer-causing chemicals. 1,6 The most harmful Smokeless Tobacco and Oral Disease. Smokeless

  • Health Risks of Smokeless Tobacco - American Cancer Society

    Other harmful health effects of smokeless tobacco include: Increased risk of dying from heart disease and stroke Increased risk of early delivery and stillbirth when used during pregnancy

  • Chewing Tobacco Health Effects (Cancer Facts, How to Quit)

    Chewing tobacco, snuff, or smokeless tobacco effects health adversely with oral cancers, gum disease, tooth decay (cavities), tooth loss, and bad breath. Learn how to quit chewing tobacco, the side effects of chewing tobacco, and how mouth cancer can arise from chewing tobacco.

  • Smokeless tobacco products - Mayo Clinic

    Research suggests that people who use smokeless tobacco get as much or more nicotine into their bodies as people who smoke cigarettes. Just as with smoking, withdrawal from smokeless tobacco can cause intense cravings, irritability and depressed mood.

  • Side Effects of Nicotine on Your Health - Tobacco-Free Life

    Mentioned health effects can all be attributed to nicotine but are greatly exacerbated by other compounds usually found in tobacco products, such as tar, carbon monoxide, toluene, or any of the other 4,000 substances regularly found in cigarettes.

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  • Smokeless Tobacco Uses, Benefits & Dosage - Drugs Herbal

    Data for other cancers are less consistent. An association between the risk of fatal myocardial infarction and fatal stroke in users of smokeless tobacco has been shown. Other oral pathologies, such as inflammation, leukoplakia, and tooth decay have been described with smokeless tobacco use.

  • Smokeless Tobacco FAQ: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

    Smokeless tobacco has many bad side effects and serious health risks, including cancer and even death. Q Is Smokeless Tobacco Addictive?

  • 6 Side Effects Of Chewing Tobacco You Should Know

    6 Dangerous Side Effects Of Chewing Tobacco: 1. Reproductive & Developmental Effects: During pregnancy it is prescribed not to use any nicotine containing supplement or drug as it result in abnormal development of baby brain. And also researchers and studies show that use of nicotine during pregnancy have resulted in early delivery or still birth. 2.

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