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  • The Ruyan (nicotine) e-cigarette

    Description The Ruyan (pronounced Roo yen) e-cigarette, like a tobacco cigarette, can rapidly deliver nicotine into the lungs, but without the carcinogens and toxicants. The white segment contains a re-chargeable battery (charged overnight from the mains), the dark coloured middle part contains a vapourising chamber.

  • RUYAN E-cig V8 : Electronic Cigarette Wholesale - China E

    RUYAN ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE is the world's first "electronic" cigarette made in china which is like an actual smoking experience but not any toxins. It has passed CE and ROHS certification and has been available in Israel, Turkey, and a number of European countries.

  • Safety Report on the Ruyan e-cigarette Cartridge and Inhaled

    Ruyan e-cigarette is designed to be a safe alternative to smoking. The various test results confirm this is the case. It is very safe relative to cigarettes, and also safe in absolute terms on all measurements we have applied.

  • Safety Report on the Ruyan e-cigarette Cartridge and Inhaled

    The cartridge of the Ruyan e-cigarette contains approximately 1g of PG, of which 0.9 g is extractable from the pad. The concentration of PG in the mouth from one drag of the Ruyan e-cigarette (900 mg per cartridge, 300 puffs 3mg) is 3 mg per mouthful. PG exposure per day of using Ruyan e-cigarette.

  • Ruyan E-Cigarette V8 Review E-Cigarette Forum

    The Ruyan atomizer is about 1.5cm longer than the mini e-cig but the smoke produced is much more plentiful, thicker, and more fulfilling. The cartidge for the Ruyan has white cotton compared to the brownish cotton from the mini e-cig (quality of the e-liquid ?). The Ruyan's smoke tastes less sweet and has a bit of a chocolate cigar flavor to it.

  • Electronic cigarettes: human health effects

    Laugesen tested the Ruyan V8 e-cigarette for over 50 cigarette smoke toxicants with negative results.16Other evaluations have found low levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) and diethylene glycol, though, in most cases, the levels were minimal and similar to levels in a nicotine patch.17Pellegrino et alevaluated particulate matter (PM) emissions from e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes.

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  • Dragonite Sues U.S. E-Cigarette Companies - eCig One

    Although the company invented the electronic cigarette, DragoniteRuyan has been something of an also-ran in the e-cigarette industry for nearly two years. However, between the lawsuits and potential opening of a subsidiary in California, they appear poised to come back in a very big way.

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