quitting smokeless tobacco

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  • How to Quit Dipping or Chewing Tobacco Smokefree Veterans

    It is hard to quit chewing or dipping on your own, but there are lots of resources to help you quit. Check out the VA programs that can help you quit: Tobacco Quitline: Call 1-855-QUIT-VET (1-855-784-8838) to talk with a counselor who can help you come up with a quit plan that works for your life. They can also give you support to stay dip free.

  • A guide to quitting chewing tobacco Delta Dental

    Quitting smokeless tobacco is a lot like quitting smoking. Both involve tobacco products that contain addictive nicotine, and both involve the physical, mental and emotional parts of addiction. Theres no one right way to quit, but there are some important things that need to get done.

  • Smokeless Tobacco How to Quit Breaking the Habits Beating

    The benefits of quitting are many and you will notice some of the benefits right away. Within the first few days of quitting smokeless tobacco, you will begin to notice benefits and improvements such as: You will have great breath -- no more trying to hide the tobacco smell with gum or mints! Food will taste better.

  • Quitting Smokeless Tobacco IDPH - Illinois

    Smokeless tobacco contains nicotine, which is highly addictive. Quitting lowers your chance of getting mouth cancers. Change to a brand you do not like. Delay your first chew of the day by one hour for a few days, then by two hours, then by three hours, and keep going longer. Set a date for quitting. When you Quit. Get rid of all your tobacco.

  • Smokeless Tobacco: A Veteran's Guide for Quitting

    Problems that smokeless tobacco can cause. Smokeless tobacco causes cancer of the mouth, esophagus, and pancreas. Smokeless tobacco may increase your risk of death from heart disease and stroke. Dipperschewers have more dental problems than nonusers. Sugar in smokeless tobacco can cause cavities, chronic painful sores, and decay in exposed

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  • How to Quit using Smokeless Tobacco - What You Need to Know

    Ask them to support you. They may be able to encourage you and help reduce your stress to make it easier for you to quit. Ask them not to use any tobacco products around you. Do not allow them to use tobacco products in your home or car. Remove all smokeless tobacco products from your home, car, and workplace. Remove anything else that will tempt you.

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