portable cigarette smoke detector

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  • Cigarette Smoke Detectors - Fire Supplies

    Cigarette smoke detectors are unlike normal smoke detectors in that they have very sensitive sensors that have been specially calibrated to detected the very fine particles of cigarette smoke. Once someone starts smoking the fine smoke particles enter the detector chamber and trigger an alarm.

  • Cigarette Smoke and Flame Detectors - Safelincs

    Cigarette Smoke Alarms for the detection of cigarette, cigar and pipe tobacco smoke. We also offer cigarette lighter detectors and match detectors (Flame Detectors). The Cigarette Detector and Flame Detector ranges can also be used to notify staff members in public buildings, schools or pubs of unauthorised smoking .

  • Buy Cigarette Smoke Detector | Locks Online

    Cigarette Smoke Detector Cigarette smoke detectors or cigarette smoke alarms are designed to deter people from smoking in no-smoking buildings. We have a range of detectors and accessories available giving you the option for standalone alarms or wider alarm systems utilising audio and visual alerts.

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  • Wireless Cigarette Smoke Detectors | Discount Fire Supplies

    As in a traditional cigarette smoke detector system, wireless cigarette smoke detectors can be connected in a network that will sound in synchronisation whenever smoking is detected. As the needs of the environment change or the area to be protected grows, the cigarette detection system can be subtly tweaked or extended to meet changing needs

  • Smoke Alarms | Smoke Detectors - DIY

    Fire Safety & Smoke Alarms Clear Comparisons Add {0} to Compare list (max 4) An important element of ensuring your household stays safe, our fire, heat and CO alarms offer essential protection against those unpredictable dangers such as house fires and carbon monoxide leakages.

  • Portable smoke machines

    is THE superior portable smoke generator Ducting adaptor plates and hose accessories specifically designed for Pea Soup smoke machines. Micro Rocket 12v DC Smoke

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  • Defective Alarm Prompts Recall Of Battery Powered Smoke

    WASHINGTON, DC -- Six brands of battery powered smoke detectors are being recalled because they may not sound an alarm in the event of a fire. Today, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Seatt Corporation, Downers Grove, IL urged any consumer who purchased a battery powered smoke detector on or after July 10

  • Aircraft Toilet Smoke Detectors - Why So Crap? - Airliners.net

    The smoke detectors are designed to detect particulates that is smoke from a fire, not a cigarette. Just like smoke detectors don't get set off on a Friday night at a busy bar/nightclub, they don't set off when someone lights up in the lavatory.

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  • The MARIJUANA smoke alarm: Device knows exactly what you're

    AirGuard (pictured), from Lebanon-based FreshAir Sensor, distinguishes between cigarette and marijuana smoke. It then logs and records the compounds found in the smoke using an app.

  • AirGuard smoke detector can tell if your 'cigarette' has weed

    AirGuard smoke detector can tell if your 'cigarette' has weed in it - and will grass on you if it does. The AirGuard smoke detector can differentiate between different types of smoke - and sent

  • Detectors - Fire Safety | FM200 | Fire Alarm System

    Smoke enters the chamber, reflecting light onto the light sensor; triggering the alarm. The photoelectric smoke detector can detect fire in an earlier stage than a heat detector. Generally, this detector is installed in spaces such as basements, ordinary floors, corridors, staircases abd elevator shafts.

  • Best Smoke Leak Detectors Parts for Cars, Trucks & SUVs

    Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Smoke Leak Detectors from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We know our parts and products. OEM Smoke leak detector. Part Number: 24534

  • B1 hand-held Battery Smoke Machine

    Concept's B1 is a robust and fully portable smoke system, operating from an on board 12vDC battery. Whilst not quite as tiny as the Air Trace smoke generator the B1 produces considerable amount of smoke for a battery powered smoke system.

  • Battery Powered Smoke Machines

    Hand Portable Smoke Machine: The Rocket is the market leading compact portable smoke generator. Robust, powerful and reliable. Smoke Pellets: Pyrotechnic smoke pellets for special effects and air flow tracing. 12v Tiny Foggers: Small battery powered smoke machines for props and special effects.

  • Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Leak Detection » Smoke Wizard

    The award winning Smoke Wizard ® is the trend-setting leader of the now current generation (G3) of automotive Diagnostic Smoke ® vapor machines. Smoke Wizard combines advanced pressure and vacuum style EVAP System leak detection capabilities with general purpose leak detector functions.

  • Recalled Products Sold by Home Depot After Recalls Were

    Kidde Smoke and Combination Smoke/CO Alarms The portable fans plastic power tools, cigarette lighters and household chemicals -- contributed to a decline in

  • Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection - Safelincs

    Be prepared with our range of No Climb smoke, heat & CO detector testing equipment & additional replacement accessories. From £9.29 ex VAT Cigarette Smoke Detectors

  • Buy Puff Alert Cigarette Smoke Detector and Remote LED

    A Puff Alert cigarette smoke detector or cigarette smoke alarm plus a remote indicator. The remote indicator is hardwired to the detector and is typically installed in a alternative location such as above the no smoking room or in a managers office.

  • IST - Smoke Detector Test Equipment

    Smoke Detector Test Equipment. Standards throughout the world require the testing of fire detection systems in a safe and controlled manner. The Solo range of tools offer a professional solution to Standards' requirements, testing all makes and types of smoke, heat and CO (Fire) detectors mounted up to 9m.

  • Gas, Fire & Smoke Detection | Tyco - Tyco Integrated Fire

    Our fire and gas detection and alarm design engineers and project management teams share a common goal, to be the best to make a difference to exceed our customers' expectations and surpass industry standards.

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