pictures of obama smoking a cigarette

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  • Obama Smoking Picture: Andrea Mitchell - HuffPost

    Let me share with our viewers some of the pictures that were taken, extraordinary pictures when Obama was at Occidental college. Now, tell me, Richard, what's he smoking? STENGEL: No! He's smoking a cigarette there. The photographer is a woman who was a student also at Occidental when Obama was there. Obama was a freshman.

  • Does President Obama Smoke Cigarettes? Heavy

    And this may certainly be the case for President Barack Obama, who took up smoking cigarettes as a teenager and has exhibited a cyclical pattern of quitting and starting up again.

  • Barack Obama holds 'packet of cigarettes - Mail Online

    Another alleged smoking slip-up came in 2013, when Obama allegedly offered the singer Billy Joel a cigarette at the White House after giving him an award. Joel allegedly described the encounter in

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  • Barack Obama's daughter Malia photographed smoking

    Malia was first spotted smoking an e-cigarette in public alongside her boyfriend in August 2018, while on a stroll through London. Malia and Rory met at Harvard, one of the world's top

  • Pictures Of Obama: Picture of Barack Obama Smoking Cigarettes

    Pictures Of Obama Friday, September 12, 2014. Picture of Barack Obama Smoking Cigarettes Newport Anyone? Real Picture of Obama Smoking: Our dear President Barack Obama knows how smoking is very addicting. Smoking calms me down and relieves alot of stress. Long hours at the white house oval office is a great time to grab a cigarette and have a

  • Celebitchy Obama smoking funny-looking cigarette in

    It helped Obama in the election that revelations about his youthful indiscretions were pretty old news by the time he was running for the highest office. Other photos from the same series make it obvious that Obama was just smoking a cigarette, a bad habit he hasnt entirely left behind.

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  • Obama smoking? President caught on camera holding 'pack of

    The White House said Wednesday that Obama is not holding a pack of cigarettes in the photo. When asked if Obama has a pack of cigarettes in his hand in the photo, spokesman Josh Earnest answered

  • Malia Obama caught kissing and smoking cigarette on a date

    Malia Obama spotted getting cosy with handsome boyfriend while smoking cigarettes by RASHAD August 10, 2018, 10:09 am The first daughter of former US President, Barack Obama, Malia Obama have been spotted getting cosy as she plants a kiss on her handsome boyfriend, Rory Farquharsons neck during a recent London tour while smoking cigarettes.

  • Pin on Obama - Pinterest

    Photos: Obama's daughter caught kissing and smoking cigarette on a date with her boyfriend. Malia Obama caught kissing and smoking cigarette on a date with her boyfriend. First Boyfriend Obama Daughter First Daughter Malia Obama Boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend Obama Sisters Obama Photos Michelle Obama Fashion Shopping.

  • Why It Matters if Obama Smokes (and Why It Doesn't) Time

    In a press briefing Wednesday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the object in Obamas hands was not a pack of cigarettes. Its not, he said, simply.

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