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    Parliaments are the only cigarettes on the mainstream market to feature a recessed paper filter. Marketing campaigns by Philip Morris stated ... Parliament Cigarettes for European smokers. European Parliament Approves Tough Rules on...

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    Its not about the bottle service and VIP lines, its not about the cigar flavor of the week, its not locked on whos got the most expensive and best cigars Phillies Sweets are about real moments of pure smoking pleasure. Since 1910, Phillies cigars are a staple among regular folks that take pleasure in an affordable everyday cigar.

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    However, if Phillies cigars are brought up, any avid cigar smoker would know of these famous cigars. Founded in 1910, over a century ago, Phillies Cigars were initially produced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Bayuk Brothers Co. With a variety of styles to choose from such as Blunt Strawberry, Blunt Chocolate, Cigarillos Southern Blend, and Cigarillos Original, it is no wonder these tasty cigars continue to be the most sought-after machine-made cigars on the market.

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  • Phillies - Thompson Cigar

    Phillies cigars have made a name for themselves through years of satisfactory performance and rich flavors valued by cigar smokers around the world. Produced in Puerto Rico, Phillies cigars feature filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Honduras for the perfect, smooth-bodied taste. Thompson Cigar offers a wide selection of sizes and flavors including the original Phillies Blunt, Phillies Titan, Phillies Strawberry Blunts and Phillies Grape Blunts.

  • Phillies Cigars Review: Which One Is Right For You

    These Phillies cigars blend the three determining factors that make this cigar a crowd favorite: a consistent flavor, a great aroma, and affordable price. With earthy tones infused into their flavor, and a classic hint of the typical Phillies sweetness, the Phillies Black cigar is more like a cigarillo, as it is only 4.25 inches long and has a ring size of 28.

  • Phillies Cigars Cigarillo Flavors BnB Tobacco

    Phillies Cigar created by Bayuk Cigar PA is a top-selling machine-rolled cigarillo available in flavors like grape, sour apple, strawberry, chocolate, and more. Buy Phillies cigars at low prices from bnbtobacco. Use Website in Keyboard Navigation & Screen-Reader ModeUse Website In a Screen-Reader Mode Read the Website's Accessibility Statement

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  • Phillies Cigars & Cigarillos For Sale Online Famous Smoke

    Phillies cigars are an everyday smoking staple since 1910, and have added some great things along the way - there's Phillies flavored cigars which offer variety for the everyday smoker by featuring a range of different tastes that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

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    Find Phillies cigars and cigarillos for your everyday smoke. Choose from wide variety of styles and flavors. Look for free shipping deals at Thompson Cigar

  • Shop Best Prices on Phillies Blunts & Cigars Holt's Cigar

    Phillies Blunts are a local favorite for obvious reasons. Offering an array of wrappers and flavors, Phillies Blunts appeal to a huge population and a wide variety of smokers. Each iteration has its own unique character and a distinct flavor and aroma. +

  • Phillies Filtered Cigars JR Cigars

    One of the most popular machine-made brands in the world, Phillies offers this highly rated line of filtered cigars for those of you that prefer a cleaner smoke. This filtered edition features an excellent burn and draw, great consistency, solid construction, and exceptional mouthwatering flavors.

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    The timeless Philly cigar classic. Phillies are a Domestic cigar from the makers of Backwoods and Hav-A-Tampa. For a long time running, they have been among the most recognizable names in machine made cigars, available at convenience stores and cigar shops around the world. The cigars are made with short or chopped-filler tobacco and a homogenized binder to give them a distinct tobacco flavor.

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