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  • Does anyone know what the point of the recessed filters on

    Parliament is a brand of cigarettes marketed by the company Philip Morris. The brand was introduced in 1931 and is distinctive for its recessed paper filters. It was originally used as an advertising gimmick when cigarettes did not have filters. The first commercial cigarette filters came into use in 1935.

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    Official Website for Parliament Cigarettes. Website limited to adult smokers 21 years of age or older.

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    She put down the glass and took a Parliament out of the box beside her plate and bent towards the flame of Bonds lighter. The gimmick with Parliaments was the recessed filter. The paper end of the cigarette extended about 14 inch past the filter, making a gap between the end of the cigarette and the filter.

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    To buy Parliament cigarettes in an online store is a great, no-fuss choice. Most users of Parliament products are lifelong fans of the brand, and that is for a reason. Loyal customers tend to stay with Parliament due to its fantastic taste, aroma, and Parliament cigarettes price rates.

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    Parliament Cigarettes, Recessed Filter Underage sale prohibited. 20 class A cigarettes. For special offers myparliament. Limited to eligible smokers 21+. www.pmusa. Questions? 1-800-232-3112.

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    Parliament Night Blue - these cigarettes are rather strong, but the recessed filter and the reduced quantity of nicotine (0.8 mg) make them feel like just like a light cigarette. Parliament Aqua Blue - light cigarettes with a very discrete taste. Perfect for women. Parliament Superslims - a regular Parliament cigarette with a twist, visible in the design of the pack and in the length of the cigarette. Parliament Reserve - Light and airy, these cigarettes are the perfect solution for beginners.

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    Parliament. This elite brand can be found at Duty Free Pro, an online cigarettes USA store, selling premium tobacco at convenient, some even say cheap, prices, for your benefit. Parliament is an American brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Philip Morris. The filter on Parliament cigarettes allows smokers to fully experience the flavor, apart from having a rich and flavorful taste, Parliament cigarettes are also notable for being smooth with the right amount of kick.

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