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    In 1899, Pall Mall, a new premium brand of cigarettes, was launched. From the very beginning, it used a more expensive Turkish blend of tobacco rolled in a distinctive oval shape and positioned the brand as one of Americas first truly premium cigarette brands. And, of course, Pall Mall came in a suitably unique premium packaging.

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    Pall Mall was created in 1899 by the Black Butler company to appeal to the rich upper class. In 1907, Pall Mall was acquired by American Tobacco. The company used the brand to test new ideas such as different ways of packing and stuffing tobacco. They created the King size and 100mm size cigarette which both were very successful.

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    HISTORY OF PALL MALL. Pall Mall brand cigarettes were introduced in 1899 by the Butler & Butler Company, in an attempt to cater to the upper class with the first "premium" cigarette. In 1907, Pall Mall was acquired by American Tobacco with the sale of Butler & Butler. Their new owners who used the premium brand to test out innovations in cigarette design, with the "king-size" (now the standard size for cigarettes at 85mm), then a new way of stuffing the tobacco that was supposed to make the


    Pall Mall Cigarettes is one of the cigarettes made by machine from the cigarette company R.J. Reynolds. This brand also becomes the brand with the most sales than Camel and Newport. In the United States alone, Pall Mall is one of the five top five cigarette brands that have succeeded in leading the market. In 1994, Pall Mall was bought by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, part of the company of British American Tobacco (BAT).

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    History in Britain. It appears that pall mall was introduced from France into Scotland and later to England.

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