oral cancer from smokeless tobacco

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  • Risk for oral cancer from smokeless tobacco

    There are more than twenty-five compounds in smokeless tobacco which have cancer causing activity. Use of smokeless tobacco has been linked with risk of oral cancer. Smokeless tobacco contains tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), polonium, formaldehyde, cadmium, lead, and benzoapyrene, which are carcinogenic agents. Although there is presence of some compounds, carotenoids and phenolic compounds, that have cancer inhibiting properties, they are in low concentrations.

  • Association of Smokeless Tobacco Use and Oral Cancer: A

    Introduction: Smokeless tobacco products have been linked to precancerous and cancers of oral cavity for long. Evidence was available on the association between smokeless tobacco (SLT) products and oral cancers at regional but not at global level.

  • Oral Cancer and Tobacco Johns Hopkins Medicine

    What is the link between tobacco and oral cancer? Cigarettes. Cigarettes, the most common form of tobacco used, causes about 90% of all lung cancers, according to the Cigars and pipes. Cigars and pipes are often believed to be a less harmful way to smoke tobacco. However, even when not Chewing

  • Cancer From Dip: The Facts About Smokeless Tobacco

    Oral cancer is one of most curable of all types of cancer, but it also is one of the deadliest when it is not detected early. One of the leading causes of mouth cancers is smokeless tobacco, also known as chew, snuff or dip. If you're concerned about the risk of cancer from dip, read on to learn about smokeless tobacco's potential consequences.

  • Smokeless tobacco and oral cancer: a review of the risks and

    Smokeless tobacco has been associated with oral cancer for many decades. The purpose of this article is to review research relevant to this association, including epidemiologic studies, studies of putative carcinogens such as tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) and other contaminants, and possible cancer inhibitors.

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  • Smokeless Tobacco and Cancer - National Cancer Institute

    As long ago as 1986, the advisory committee to the Surgeon General concluded that the use of smokeless tobacco is not a safe substitute for smoking cigarettes. It can cause cancer and a number of noncancerous oral conditions and can lead to nicotine addiction and dependence ( 5 ).

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