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    Evolution of clay tobacco pipes in England Clay tobacco pipes were made in England shortly after the introduction of tobacco from North America, in about 1558. The earliest written description of smoking was in 1573 and probably described a pipe derived from native North American types. By 1580 the pipe bowl had become barrel-shaped with a flat heel and around (6mm) inside diameter.

  • Evolution of clay tobacco pipes in England

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    Clay pipes were introduced to the "Old World" in the 16th century, along with tobacco from Virginia. Native Americans had been using clay pipes for centuries before then and when European explorers returned from the Americas, this practice was brought back with them.

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  • Clay Tobacco Pipes at Penn Valley Pipes - Pipeshoppe

    The idea of smoking tobacco came from the American Indian, who had long fashioned their own clay pipes. These, no doubt served as a model for later pipe development. By 1558 tobacco smoking had been introduced to Europe. There is little doubt that the earliest pipes came from England.

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    Pipes of clay were first smoked in England after the introduction of tobacco from Virginia in the late 16th Century. Devon born sea captain, Sir Walter Raleigh , who founded colonies in the New World, was one of the first to promote this novel habit, although religious leaders did not approve and persecuted people for it.

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    The lifespan of clay pipes was relatively short throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, lasting only one to two years until they were discarded. (Hume, 1969). However, even after they broke and could no longer be used for tobacco consumption, there were alternative uses for pieces of clay pipe stems.

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