nj age to buy cigarettes

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  • Department of Health Tobacco Control Regulations and

    Prevention. As of November 1, 2017, the legal age for purchasing tobacco products and electronic smoking devices in New Jersey is 21. Raising the minimum age from 19 to 21 helps protect young people from the deadly effects of tobacco use. New Jersey is the third state in the nation to raise the smoking-purchase age to 21 following Hawaii and California.

  • Department of Health Tobacco Control Prevention

    What is the legal age to buy and possess cigarettes in New Jersey? 19 years old by the Codey Bill . How old do you have to be to buy cigarettes in Buffalo New York? 18 years old . Is there an Old Jersey if there is a New Jersey? The old Jersey is a Channel Island between England and France. When England took possession of the

  • How old do you have to be to buy cigarettes in new jersey

    Starting Nov. 1, you have to be 21. Beginning Wednesday, New Jersey becomes the newest state to raise the limit to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products to the age of 21. The new law raises the

  • Smoking age limit rises to 21 in NJ

    Matt CardyGetty. By Lisa Marie Segarra. July 22, 2017 9:29 AM EDT. N ew Jersey just raised the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21, joining California and Hawaii. The new law was signed by Gov

  • New Jersey Smoking Age Will Be 21 in November Time

    New Jersey raised the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 19 in 2006. A bill is making its way through the Legislature that would ban the sale of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices

  • Englewood, N.J. Raises Tobacco Purchase Age To 21 CBS New York

    Beginning Nov. 1, smokers under 21 wont be permitted to buy tobacco products or electronic cigarettes in New Jersey.

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