new york cigarette price increase 2010

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  • Cigarette Tax Increased to Keep New York Running

    A new law pushes the average price for a pack to about $9.20 in the state and nearly $11 in the city. 2010, on Page A20 of the New York edition with the headline: Cigarette Tax Is Increased To

  • New York smokers face sharp tax hike - Jun. 22, 2010

    NEW YORK ( -- New York City smokers already pay the highest cigarette taxes in the nation, but a new state law will push those taxes even higher this summer. The state legislature on

  • State Cigarette Excise Taxes — United States, 2010-2011

    State Cigarette Excise Taxes — United States, 2010-2011. Increasing the price of cigarettes reduces the demand for cigarettes, thereby reducing youth smoking initiation and cigarette consumption and decreasing the prevalence of cigarette use in the United States overall, particularly among youths and young adults (1,2).

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  • Prices Of Cigarettes By State - Fair Reporters

    The state imposed a tax that comes out to $4.35 on every pack of 20. In addition to the cigarette tax there is a New York state sales tax which adds on $1.60 to the price.The cost mentioned earlier of $12.50 is just an average of the state's cigarette prices and some researchers have found prices all the way up to over $14 a pack.

  • Cigarette and tobacco products tax

    When are minimum wholesale and retail cigarette prices changed? New York State establishes minimum resale prices for sales of cigarettes at the wholesale and retail levels. Minimum wholesale and retail selling prices are subject to change when a manufacturer price change or cigarette excise tax rate change occurs. For additional information

  • The Impact of Cigarette Excise Tax Increases on Purchasing

    We examined the relationship between cigarette excise tax increases and tax-avoidant purchasing behaviors among New York City adult smokers. Methods. We analyzed data from the city's annual Community Health Survey to assess changes in rates of tax avoidance over time (2003-2010) and smokers' responses to the 2008 state cigarette tax increase.

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  • What a cigarette tax hike in New York City says about the

    What a cigarette tax hike in New York City says about the health of South Carolinians By Mary Katherine Wildeman Before the 2010 increase,

  • New York Loses $400 Million After Imposing The Nation's

    New York raised taxes on cigarettes to $4.35 in 2010 from $2.75. In total, cigarette taxes have increased by 190 percent since 2006. The sharp rise has resulted in a raft of unintended consequences which are dealing a significant blow to the state's finances.

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  • De Blasio Brags About New York Cigarette Price Floor Being

    A widely cited study which surveyed smokers in New York State and nationally said that between 2010 and 2011, those making less than $30,000 per year in New York State spent 23.6 percent of annual

  • Up in smoke -- New Yorkers paying average $11 for pack for

    New York (CNN)-- New York City already had the highest cigarette taxes in the nation, and a new state law that went in to effect Thursday pushed the price of smoking even higher. The state

  • New York-Minimum Wholesale and Retail Cigarette Prices

    Minimum wholesale and retail cigarette prices must be determined by referencing manufacturers' list prices. When a minimum price change occurs because of a manufacturer's price increase or decrease, the enforcement date of the change is the second Monday after the price change is announced.

  • New York's Cigarette Tax Hike Already Looking Like a Bust

    On July 1, a new cigarette tax hike took effect in New York. But just three weeks after the state began levying the additional $1.60 per pack, the move is looking likely to prove a bust. Reports are flowing of more New Yorkers crossing the Empire State's borders to purchase their smokes.

  • Cigarette Tax Increases 2000 - 2019

    *Includes all increases through January 1, 2019. Source: Compiled by FTA from various sources.

  • Higher cigarette prices reduce cigarette smoking by

    Higher cigarette prices reduce cigarette smoking by decreasing smoking prevalence and reducing the number of cigarettes smoked by continuing smokers. Well over 100 studies from high-income countries have confirmed the inverse relationship between cigarette prices and cigarette smoking.

  • New Jersey to Increase Tax on Electronic Cigarette

    In 2010, New Jersey became one of the first states to put a ban on electronic cigarette or personal vaporizers. back to traditional tobacco because of the price increase in e-cig related

  • Despite trafficking, Va. cigarette tax appears unlikely to

    New York, the destination for much of Virginia's cigarette smuggling trade, has the nation's highest at $4.35 per pack — and New York City adds an extra $1.50 per pack. The national average

  • Local Merchants Worried About Tobacco Price Hike - Patch

    Local Merchants Worried About Tobacco Price Hike New York State now has the highest cigarette tax in the country at $4.35. Before the increase, New York had the fifth highest tax rate in the

  • Tobacco-Related Reports - New York State Department of Health

    Implications of the June 2008 $1.25 Cigarette Tax Increase - November 2010 (PDF) Cigarette Purchasing Patterns Among New York Smokers: Implications for Health, Price, and Revenue (PDF) Smoking Cessation in New York State. Who's Quitting in New York: A Decade of Progress Reducing Smoking and Promoting Cessation (PDF)

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  • NY's Higher Cigarette Tax Does Little To Increase Revenue

    The go-to plan for cash-strapped states—an increase in the tax on cigarettes—has some holes in it. In July, the New York State cigarette tax was increased to $4.35 a pack, which becomes $5.85

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