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  • Natural American Spirit cigarettes review

    I enjoy a slow burn, that is a plus for me. I hate cigarettes that burn too fast. I can smoke one Natural American Spirit, cigarette and be satisfied for hours. I have also noticed Natural American Spirit cigarettes cost a bit more, than regular brands, but for me its an even trade for quality. I found that prices per pack and cartons vary from state to state.

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    They're excellent. Strong, clean body, pleasant aroma, great draw. Very very pleasant. Mild, but not too mild, strong but not overly. They taste to me like old school cigarettes probably did. Very rich, smooth, authentic. They taste like a tobacco barn smells is all I can describe it. They seem to be mostly Virginia & some burley. Very crisp.

  • Natural American Spirit Cigarette Reviews Kraft's Tobacco Blog

    American Spirits do have a higher tar content than most cigarettes so this doesnt really surprise me, but, that being said these are still a great smoke. Flavor gets a 8 out of 10. Pure, natural tobacco taste. Aroma is also great. A slight chocolaty scent. 9 out of 10. The burn quality is a 10 all the way.

  • Tobacco Reviews American Spirit - Pow Wow Blend

    A very nice lady was offering American Spirit cigarettes at the 2015 Kansas City Pipe Show, and at her table was a box of Pow Wow. I bought two pouches for my local pipe club's raffle, but later decided to try one of them. It sure looked like RYO tobacco to me. A fine short leaf shag of Burley and Bright.

  • What's the Deal With Organic American Spirit Cigarettes

    Well, anyone who smokes them will point to the fact that American Spirit cigarettes are free of the long list of disgusting additives present in conventional cigarette brands. I feel better about smoking Spirits as Im not inhaling rat poison and carpet glue and all the other additive crap in most cigs, one reviewer says .

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    Here's my review of the Natural American Spirit Perique (black pack).Instagram: nickthesmokerytFacebook: Nick The SmokerGmail: nickthesmokerytgmail

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  • Natural American Spirit Review - Agate - YouTube

    American Spirit Cigarettes, ain't better for you, even though they have less chemicals content, lol. My take.

  • What are reviews of yellow American Spirit cigarettes? - Quora

    What are reviews of yellow American Spirit cigarettes? The best cigarette to smoke. If you have to smoke smoke these they are not too heavy not too light and they taste like tobabcco should because thats all thats in them none of the other chemicals big tobacco adds to make it harder to quit. And they burn slowly and go out if youre not pulling on it.

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