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    The Top 10 Little Known Items in the Marlboro Miles Catalog: 1. 1,000,000 miles: John Wayne's bronzed lungs 2. Number 1 Little Known Item in the Marlboro Miles Catalog 3. The "Cougher" -- Lights on *cough* *cough*, lights off! 4. 80,000 miles: Marlboro Man ballet shoes and tutu 5. 100,000 miles: Iron Lung 250,000 miles: Platinum Lung 6.

  • The Most Sinister Cigarette Promotion of All Time

    The Most Sinister Cigarette Promotion of All Time. Inside the Marlboro Miles marketing campaign and the dark history behind todays popular vintage Marlboro merch. In the mid-1990s, Heatherly was a teen who dreamed of escaping her dysfunctional family. Inspired by Soul Asylums Runaway Train, her fantasy included riding the rails

  • Marlboro Miles and the Marlboro Country Store

    Marlboro Miles and the Marlboro Country Store. May 06, 2009 A Restless Transplant. While many people talk about how they are going to spend their AMEX points or Delta Sky Miles, more daring individuals debate the use of their Marlboro Miles. From 1994 to September 30th 2006, Philip Morris, Marlboro Cigarette's parent company, had a

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  • What are 'Marlboro Miles'?: A look back at the odd marketing

    In 1993, cigarette maker Marlboro rolled out the Marlboro Adventure Team which was essentially a tobacco tinged lifestyle brand that promoted campy outdoor activities via branded merchandise that could be obtained from a catalog with Marlboro Miles. A trip down the rabbit hole reveals some pretty weird content like the video below.

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  • When is Marlboro Rewards' end date? Program finishes after

    The merch could be purchased through Marlboro Miles. Marlboro Miles consisted of the proof of purchase on the cigarette packet plus the words 5 Miles or Five Miles. You would save your cigarette packs proof of purchase with these words and turn that into Marlboro merchandise via the Marlboro Miles catalog.

  • How to Redeem Marlboro Miles Our Pastimes

    In the early 1990s, Marlboro introduced the Marlboro Miles program, where people collect miles from each package, exchanging them for a selection of products from its catalog. Marlboro phased out the Marlboro Miles program in 2006, making it very difficult to redeem any remaining Miles.

  • MarlboroPhilip Morris Inc. marlboro miles rip off fraud

    1-800-marlboro you can get a catalog(not promoting, i got the phone no from another rip off post) maybee they took the catalog out of the stores and gas stations so that the underaged kids cant get them. i'v never hasd a problem redeming my miles, altho i have seen people at the po waiting to mail their miles with the miles just dumped in a

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