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    The Top 10 Little Known Items in the Marlboro Miles Catalog: 1. 1,000,000 miles: John Wayne's bronzed lungs 2. Number 1 Little Known Item in the Marlboro Miles Catalog 3. The "Cougher" -- Lights on *cough* *cough*, lights off! 4. 80,000 miles: Marlboro Man ballet shoes and tutu 5. 100,000 miles: Iron Lung 250,000 miles: Platinum Lung 6.

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    Marlboro Miles and the Marlboro Miles Catalog is an ingenious idea to give away useful products advertizing Marlboro. The program was a huge sucess federal government has began to crack down on advertising mediums cigarette companies can use and you can only get a Marlboro Miles catalog by calling.

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  • What are 'Marlboro Miles'?: A look back at the odd marketing

    In 1993, cigarette maker Marlboro rolled out the Marlboro Adventure Team which was essentially a tobacco tinged lifestyle brand that promoted campy outdoor activities via branded merchandise that could be obtained from a catalog with Marlboro Miles. A trip down the rabbit hole reveals some pretty weird content like the video below.

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    What is the Marlboro miles program? The action, presented by company "Philip Morris Sales and Marketing" was started on June 10, 2006, and will be lasted a half of a year. In frames of the program, Marlboro admirers save points or "miles" for every acquired pack.

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    Marlboro Miles consisted of the proof of purchase on the cigarette packet plus the words 5 Miles or Five Miles. You would save your cigarette packs proof of purchase with these words and turn that into Marlboro merchandise via the Marlboro Miles catalog .

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    Marlboro cigarettes are one of the most widely recognizable tobacco products worldwide. First marketed in the 1920s as a cigarette for women, the brand has expanded in popularity, encompassing more than 10 unique varieties. In the early 1990s, Marlboro introduced the Marlboro Miles program, where people collect miles from each package, exchanging them for a selection of products from its catalog.

  • The Most Sinister Cigarette Promotion of All Time

    Inspired by the Marlboro Adventure Team from the 1980s an annual promotion in which you could win a trip the company created an Adventure Team catalog. Customers could mail in their Marlboro Miles in order to get licensed Marlboro merchandise everything from the aforementioned Zippos to outerwear and inflatable canoes.

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