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  • What is a Maduro Wrapper? Holt's Cigar Company

    Ashton Aged Maduro is an excellent 92-rated example of a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The cigar is blended by legendary cigar-maker Carlito Fuente from a premium aged recipe of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. Notes of molasses, dark chocolate, nougat, and caramel harbor a touch of spice.

  • Maduro Cigar Wrappers Our Pick for the Best JR Blending Room

    Maduro is the Spanish word for ripe and is use cigar-wise to refer to the extra time required and the dark colors achieved during the natural fermentation of maduro wrappers. Typically these wrappers are oily, plush with flavor, and earthy to the nose.

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  • Maduro Cigar Wrapper Cigar Inspector

    By the loosest definition, a wrapper leaf is a maduro if its dark enough. Maduro is really a shade of tobacco, not a wrapper type. But its being used more and more as a wrapper type so I felt inclined to include it. Maduros are generally thought of as either Broadleaf or of Brazilian origin.

  • The Differences Between a Natural and Maduro Cigar Wrapper

    The Maduro wrapper is typically darker in color. The color of a Maduro wrapper can vary between cigars and brands, but they can range from a dark brown to midnight black (Double Maduro or Oscuro.) Maduro cigars vary in flavor as well.

  • Maduro Wrappers: Are Darker Cigars Stronger? EGM Cigars

    The Maduro wrapper or the 'Capa Negra' in Spanish, has earned a reputation among cigar aficionados, and since its conception, has become a widely popular choice. Maduro means ripe in Spanish, which perfectly describes the lengthy process that the tobacco leaves go through to achieve a dark chocolate colour.

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  • 3 Main Differences Between Natural and Maduro Cigar Wrappers

    A darker Maduro wrapper is stronger than a natural wrapper, however, cigar with a natural wrapper that has a deep, dark filler and or binder will change the overall smoking flavor and experience of the cigar. Many cigar makers choose to only produce a natural cigar and a Maduro cigar, making them two of the most popular wrappers.

  • A Guide To Cigar Wrappers Types, Colors, And Other Facts

    Maduro wrappers are also classified by their color intensity. The dark brown is typical for the Colorado Maduro, while the very dark, nearly black wrappers are associated with the Oscuro wrapper, which is also called a Double Maduro. On top of that, Maduro cigars are separated into mild, medium, and strong.

  • Wrappers The Cigarbox

    While they can mean extra dark or extra ripe, the terms can also refer to Maduro tobacco being used in multiple parts of the cigar. For example, a Double Maduro cigar can have Maduro wrapper and binder. For example Triple Maduro cigar uses Maduro wrapper, binder, and filler.

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About: Maduro Cigars

    Colorado Maduro the lightest of the Maduros, it may also include cigars whose wrappers could be described as dark natural by the factorys quality control people but end up as Maduro on looks alone. Maduro that traditional shade of dark brown, like a coffee bean or a coconut.

  • Cigar Wrappers: A Guide to Different Types JR Blending Room

    The Maduro is the darkest in color of the four and enjoys the lengthiest lifespan, from seedling to wrapper leaf. It goes through such a long process to properly darken and flavor the leaf properly.

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