list of old cigarette brands from 1950s

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    Vintage cigarette advertising, 1950s. These enamel advertising signs adorned the walls of grocers and other small shops in the post-War years. Durable and hard wearing enough to withstand the pollution and weather for years. They feature three popular brands of cigarette from that time. Bristol, Capstan and Woodbine.

  • History's Dumpster: Forgotten Cigarette Brands

    In the old days, you used to have a dizzying variety of cigarette choices available at your local groceryconvenience store (more than 50!). Today, there's about 10 or even fewer brands in most places.

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    Apr 25, 2018 - Explore Titus's board "Old Cigarette Brands" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Cigarette brands, Cigarettes, Vintage cigarette ads.

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    Pin up Girl Kentucky Club 9 Brands Tobacco (1956) # via buy at eBay. Old Gold (1950) # via buy. Senior Service Cigarettes Air-sea Rescue Uk (1956)

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    I have seen photos of old Dr Pepper cans with the cone shaped tops and capped lids, but I don't know if any were made in the 1940s -- I don't think so, as I believe that gimmick was from the 1950s. To the best of my knowledge, the soft drink was only sold in bottles during the 1940s.

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    "Hi Pauline, It is probably worth around 2 to 5 depending on condition. Woodbine was the most popular brand of cigarettes from the early 1900s to the 1950s so there a quite a few around. Best regards" Steven 09022014 "I have a complete packet of woodbine which containing 3 cigaretts is there any value please. thanks" Donald Arblaster 09

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