list of cancer causing chemicals in cigarettes

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  • Harmful Chemicals in Tobacco Products American Cancer Society

    Some of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke include: Nicotine (the addictive drug that produces the effects in the brain that people are looking for) Hydrogen cyanide Formaldehyde Lead Arsenic Ammonia Radioactive elements, such as polonium-210 (see below) Benzene Carbon monoxide Tobacco-specific

  • 10 Chemicals in Cigarettes that Cause Cancer #Most Harmful

    10 Chemicals in Cigarettes that Cause Cancer #Most Harmful Compounds Nicotine-derived nitrosamine ketone ( NNK) N Nitrosonornicotine ( NNN) Formaldehyde Acetaldehyde Benzo ( a )pyrene Benzene Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon 4- aminobiphenyl 2-Naphthylamine 1,3 butadine

  • Tobacco and Cancer CDC

    Its true that smoking tobacco products (including cigarettes and cigars) causes almost nine of every 10 cases of lung cancer, but smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in your body, including in the. Bladder. Blood (acute myeloid leukemia). Cervix. Colon and rectum.

  • CDC - 2010 Surgeon General's Report - Chemicals in Tobacco

    Tobacco smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds are toxic. About 70 can cause cancer. Here are some of the chemicals. Cancer-Causing Chemicals. Formaldehyde: Used to embalm dead bodies Benzene: Found in gasoline Polonium 210: Radioactive and very toxic Vinyl chloride: Used to make pipes Toxic Metals. Chromium: Used to make steel

  • A Disturbing List of Toxic Chemicals in Cigarettes

    Chemicals in Cigarettes Carcinogens. A carcinogen is defined as any substance that can cause or aggravate cancer. Benzene can be found in Toxic Metals. Toxicheavy metals are metals and metal compounds that have the potential to harm our health when absorbed Radioactive Toxic Metals.

  • Chemicals in Tobacco Products and Your Health FDA

    These chemicals include heavy metals cadmium, lead, and nickel as well as arsenic, a chemical used in insecticides formaldehyde, which is used in embalming fluid and N-Nitrosonornicotine (NNN

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  • Chemicals in Cigarettes: From Plant to Product to Puff FDA

    Fact: There are more than 7,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke. 2 More than 70 of those chemicals are linked to cancer. 4,5,6,7 Watch the video on cigarette smoke to learn more about what happens

  • 9 chemicals identified so far in e-cig vapor that are on the

    The following compounds that are on the Proposition 65 list have already been identified in mainstream or secondhand (sidestream) e-cigarette vapor: Acetaldehyde (MS) Cadmium (MS) Formaldehyde (MS,SS) Isoprene (SS) Lead (MS) Nickel (MS) Nicotine (MS, SS) N-Nitrosonornicotine (MS, SS) Toluene (MS, SS)

  • Known and Probable Human Carcinogens - cancer

    For example, IARC considers there to be strong evidence that both tobacco smoking and eating processed meat can cause cancer, so both are listed as carcinogenic to humans. But smoking is much more likely to cause cancer than eating processed meat, even though both are in the same category.

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