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    We present online cigarette store where to buy Gauloises cigarettes. This shop provides only best tobacco for European smokers.

  • Kool

    Offer Redemption: Good on any style of Kool cigarettes. This is a live coupon. Coupon expiration time shown when customer activates coupon. ITG Brands, LLC will reimburse you the face value of this coupon provided you have complied with the terms of the ITG Brands, LLC Coupon Redemption Policy.

  • Willie the KOOL Penguin: Magazine advertising

    The "one-color" in all of these ads is a shade of green, consistent with the general use of the green color in all KOOL cigarette related promotions. Several of these ads feature the penguin in sports-related activities.

  • Kool

    There is no safe cigarette. Manipulation of Cigarette Design and Composition to Ensure Optimum Nicotine Delivery. A Federal Court has ordered Lorillard, Altria, Philip Morris USA, and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco (the previous maker of Kool) to make this statement about designing cigarettes to enhance the delivery of nicotine.

  • Willie the KOOL Penguin: Collectibles

    As you might expect, there are a number of KOOL penguin accouterments, which lend themselves specifically to the task of smoking cigarettes. Among them are the handy cigarette tin, seen at left. Yes, it is hard to see the little penguin there in the lower right corner. Take a look at a larger image of one that sold for $150 in August 1998.

  • Willie the Penguin: The Story Behind the Iconic Mascot of

    Since 1933, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Companys Kool cigarettes have been many smokers menthol cigarette of choice. For years, the brand was represented by the mascot Willie the Kool Penguin. He appeared in all manner of media, from print ads to television commercials to merchandise and even small images stamped right on Kool cigarettes. The

  • KOOL Penguins - 1935 - YouTube

    Kool Penguins (1935, 7:40) is the first commercial in this collection, announcing the arrival of a fun bunch of cartoon penguins who were intended, and would

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  • Kool cigarette ads - Vintage Ads and Stuff

    The ad features the everpresent Penguin lying on the bank of a gently-moving stream, Kool clamped in his beak, holding his fishing pole and waiting for the bobber to move. The headline assures us that "Kools are quite a catch" and reminds us that "Summer's coming!" so this is the time to swear off those hot cigarettes and switch to Kool.

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