kent cigarettes asbestos filter

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  • Kent, the asbestos-filtered cigarette

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  • Asbestos Cigarette Filters - Toxic Useage, Lawsuits & Brands

    Lorillards KENT Micronite Filter Asbestos and the Quest for a Safer Cigarette In 1952, using the popular new medium of television, the P. Lorillard Co. sponsored scientific demonstrations to show the efficacy and implied health benefits of its KENT Micronite filter. The campaign also featured advertisements in medical journals.

  • Lorillards KENT Micronite Filter - CSTS

    Kent Cigarette Factory Workers Manufacturers used asbestos in cigarette filters because of its filter-like material, which was dense enough to stop particles and gases from seeping through. People working in environments containing asbestos were bound to inhale the very thin crocidolite fibers.

  • Asbestos in Cigarette Filters - Where Asbestos was Located

    Kent was Lorillard Tobaccos response to the health scare of the early 1950s, when the link between smoking and lung cancer drew wide attention. Lorillard touted the superiority of its filter, a

  • Lawsuits continue over asbestos in Kent cigarette filters

    Sold by Lorillard, Kent cigarettes were manufactured with an H&V "Micronite" filter that contained crocidolite asbestos. Quirin claims Kent cigarettes were a significant contributing factor to

  • Ill. federal judge allows testimony that Kent cigarettes

    In November 1989 -- 33 years after Lorillard removed asbestos from Micronite filters and 30 years after he had stopped smoking Kents -- Mr. Ierardi, now 56 years old, learned he had mesothelioma, a

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  • Ex-Kent Smoker Blames Filter of Past for Illness - The New

    Yet thats precisely what Lorillard Tobacco did 60 years ago when it introduced Kent cigarettes, whose patented Micronite filter contained a particularly virulent form of asbestos. Smokers puffed

  • Remember When Big Tobacco Sold Asbestos as the Greatest

    Kent cigarettes once had asbestos in the filters. Kent Cigarettes Weird Vintage Vintage Ads Learn Something New Everyday Health Class Medical History Old Ads The

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