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  • James Bond: cigarette case

    James Bonds cigarette case. On at least two occasions, in Casino Royale and in the short story Octopussy, Ian Fleming describes James Bonds cigarette case as holding fifty. Bonds cigarette case, which holds his custom Morland cigarettes in fact there are several of them, as he loses the one he has in Diamonds Are Forever while the one he is carrying in From Russia, With Love is struck by a bullet is described as made from black gunmetal and variously flat, wide and light.

  • Dunhill Cigarette Case James Bond Wiki Fandom

    Cigarette case. The Dunhill cigarette case is used by James Bond when introducing himself at Les Ambassadeurs Club in London . While Bond's cigarette case holds fifty cigarettes in the novels, this one only holds five. It can be seen again later, when Bond meets with Quarrel and Felix Leiter at the harbour.

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    This cigarette case is 100mm long and will hold 20 regular size Or 100's Size cigarettes Overall Measurement: 3 14-Inch wide x 4-18-Inch tall x 1116-Inch thick Same design as picture.

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  • James Bond: smoking and cigarettes

    James Bonds lighter is a battered black oxidized Ronson to compliment his gunmetal cigarette case, which he carries in his right-hand hip pocket. With just a few exceptions Bonds smoking remains consistently heavy throughout the books. In the first chapter of Casino Royale he lights his seventieth cigarette of the day in From Russia, With Love we are privy to the SMERSH file on Bond, which notes his heavy smoking and distinctive cigarettes and a report by the secret service Medical

  • James Bonds lighter - The James Bond lighter

    There have been numerous attempts to identify the exact model carried by James Bond, but the problem is that Flemings description is just too vague. Like the black gunmetal cigarette case, Bonds choice is probably that of Ian Fleming if we could find out that piece of information Im sure we would be much closer to the truth.

  • The Spy Who Loved Smoking - Geist

    Bond carries his Morlands in a black gun metal cigarette case, which holds an inexplicable fifty cigarettes. The case saves Bonds life in From Russia With Love when he hides it between the pages of a book and uses it to deflect a bullet aimed at his heart.

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  • Morland Cigarettes - The James Bond Dossier

    James Bonds Morland cigarettes. James Bonds usual cigarette was the same as Ian Fleming, handmade by Morland & Co. with no filter and with the distinctive triple gold band that made them so distinctive. The Morland cigarettes are variously described by Fleming as a Balkan and Turkish mixture a Macedonian blend or a Balkan mixture and stored in a black gunmetal cigarette case that Fleming describes variously as flat and wide, which Bond carries in his hip pocket.

  • Cigarettes Fleming's Bond

    Bond settled back into second and let the car idle. He reached for the wide gunmetal case of Morland cigarettes on the neighbouring bucket seat, fumbled for one and lit it from the dashboard. While on a health kick in Thunderball, Bond temporarily stops smoking the Morlands. Bond had lit up a Duke of Durham, king-size, with filter.

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