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  • James Bond: smoking and cigarettes

    One of James Bonds greatest pleasures is cigarettes and he usually smokes sixty per day of a special Balkan and Turkish mixture with three gold bands. The cigarettes are specially made for him by Morlands and carried in a wide, thin cigarette case of black gunmetal that can hold fifty even in smoking James Bond knows exactly what he wants.

  • Other James Bond Cigarette Brand Names

    Other James Bond cigarette brands. While Morland cigarettes were James Bonds regular choice when in London, he did switch briefly to Duke of Durham King-sized in Thunderball while cutting down to ten a day, and even smoked a cheroot in Moonraker.

  • Live and Let Die: James Bond's Smoking Habits Over the

    All but one James Bond movie have featured images of people smoking, though 007 kicked the habit in 2002, according to a new study in the journal Tobacco Control.

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  • James Bond: cigarette case - The James Bond Dossier

    In James Bonds London Gary Giblin writes (page 91) that after scouring London for a gunmetal cigarette case and lighter similar to those described by Ian Fleming, a duplicate set made for a Bond fan were located and purchased by Eon Productions from Dunhills in St James.

  • Morland Cigarettes - The James Bond Dossier

    Morlands James Bond Special No. 1. Morland & Co. no longer exists, but was located at 83 Grosvenor Street in London. Thanks to the raised profile of Morland cigarettes brought about by the James Bond books the company obtained Flemings permission to produce a James Bond Special with the distinctive gold bands.

  • What kind of cigarettes does James Bond smoke?

    Bond acquired this habit from Fleming, who was smoking about 70 cigarettes a day when he died of a heart attack. Fleming and 007 both smoked specially made cigarettes from Morlands of Grovenor Street - a Macedonian blend with three gold rings around the butt (007 switched to a low-tar blend in John Gardner's books).

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  • Morland of Grosvenor Street Cigarettes Fleming's Bond

    James Bond was running out of his Morland specials. He would soon have to start on the local stuff. As a test, the Soft Man in The Man With The Golden Gun makes a remark about cigarettes to a brainwashed Bond to see what his state of mind is.

  • The James Bond lighter

    In Doctor No he manages to pocket a silver table lighter prior enduring the obstacle course, although since this was not used for lighting his cigarettes it doesnt really count. And in You Only Live Twice when disguised as a miner Bond carries matches. Which model is the James Bond Ronson lighter? There have been numerous attempts to identify the exact model carried by James Bond, but the

  • Top 10 Hilarious Bond Gadgets - YouTube

    James Bond is a secret agent that not only packs a gun and fancy cars, but a gadget and gizmo for each and every occasion, no matter how bizarre. While many of these gadgets are brilliant, many

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