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  • James Bond: smoking and cigarettes

    One of James Bonds greatest pleasures is cigarettes and he usually smokes sixty per day of a special Balkan and Turkish mixture with three gold bands. The cigarettes are specially made for him by Morlands and carried in a wide, thin cigarette case of black gunmetal that can hold fifty even in smoking James Bond knows exactly what he wants.

  • Cigarettes Fleming's Bond

    Cigarettes Fleming's Bond. Diplomates Cigarettes. When James Bond first meets Darko Kerim in From Russia With Love, the Head of Station T gets him settled. He pushed over a flat Vanguard Tobaccoless Cigarette. Parliament Cigarettes. Morland of Grosvenor Street Cigarettes. Chesterfield

  • Morland Cigarettes - The James Bond Dossier

    James Bonds usual cigarette was the same as Ian Fleming, handmade by Morland & Co. with no filter and with the distinctive triple gold band that made them so distinctive.

  • James Bond: cigarette case

    Bonds cigarette case, which holds his custom Morland cigarettes in fact there are several of them, as he loses the one he has in Diamonds Are Forever while the one he is carrying in From Russia, With Love is struck by a bullet is described as made from black gunmetal and variously flat, wide and light.

  • Other James Bond Cigarette Brand Names

    While Morland cigarettes were James Bonds regular choice when in London, he did switch briefly to Duke of Durham King-sized in Thunderball while cutting down to ten a day, and even smoked a cheroot in Moonraker.

  • Diplomates Cigarettes Fleming's Bond

    Diplomates Cigarettes. When James Bond first meets Darko Kerim in From Russia With Love, the Head of Station T gets him settled. He pushed over a flat white box of cigarettes and Bond sat down and took a cigarette and lit it. It was the most wonderful cigarette he had ever tasted the mildest and sweetest of Turkish tobacco in a slim long oval tube with an elegant gold crescent.

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  • Morland of Grosvenor Street Cigarettes Fleming's Bond

    One of the things that James Bond is famous for is that he has his own brand of cigarette, one that is specially made for him. Were first introduced to this brand in Casino Royale. He lit his first cigarette, a Balkan and Turkish mixture made for him by Morlands of Grosvenor Street, Were given a little more detail a bit later.

  • Heres every cigar James Bond ever smoked Gentleman's Journal

    Heres every cigar James Bond ever smoked. He may not have been an aficionado, but Bonds from Moore to Brosnan and now Craig have sparked up cigars on screen. Words: Jonathan Wells. There is a scene in Die Another Day that likely had Bond enthusiasts tearing their hair out. Its 2002, and Pierce Brosnans suave take on the super-spy has just watched Halle Berry channel Ursula Andress sashaying out of the ocean when he offers her a sip of his drink.

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