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  • Chantix - Does It Work For Dippers? - KillTheCan

    The drug has gotten quite a bit of press over the years about how successful it is in helping people quit smoking. We get asked quite often if it is also successful for someone whos looking to quit dipping. Forum member JAYP used Chantix early in his quit and gives us an honest review of how it affected his quit: Check out his answer here:

  • How to Quit Chewing Tobacco, Snuff or Snus

    Nicotine lozenges are effective at helping chewers and dippers quit. The prescription medication Chantix (varenicline) is effective at helping chewers and dippers quit. Nicotine patches and gum, and the prescription medication bupropion, can help treat withdrawal symptoms for chewers and dippers. Nicotine gum and lozenges are most like using snuff, chewing tobacco, or snus.

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  • Stop Smoking CHANTIX (varenicline) Official Site Safety Info

    Decrease the amount of alcohol you drink while taking CHANTIX until you know if CHANTIX affects your ability to tolerate alcohol. The most common side effects of CHANTIX include nausea (30%), sleep problems (trouble sleeping, vivid, unusual, or strange dreams), constipation, gas andor vomiting.

  • A guide to quitting chewing tobacco Delta Dental

    Taper down. If you usually carry your tin or pouch with you, try leaving it behind, as you try scaling back to half of your usual amount before you quit. Carry substitutes instead, like sugar-free chewing gum, hard candies or sunflower seeds. During this period, you might also try a mint-leaf snuff.

  • Smokeless Tobacco: A Veteran's Guide for Quitting

    Smokeless tobacco is a harmless alternative to smoking. Truth: Smokeless tobacco is still tobacco. Smokeless tobacco often contains higher levels of cancer-causing chemicals called nitrosamines. Note the health warning on smokeless tobacco cans. Myth: Good tooth and gum care can offset the harmful effects of using dip or chew.

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  • Smokeless Tobacco How to Quit Breaking the Habits Beating

    Quitting Smokeless Tobacco. Making the decision to quit using smokeless tobacco is hard, but it has to be your decision. Many people can encourage you to quit, but you have to want to quit. Quitting smokeless tobacco is a lot like quitting smoking, however, there are a few parts of quitting that are unique for smokeless tobacco users.

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