how to cure tobacco leaves for chewing

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    Air-cured Tobacco Leaves Air-cured tobacco is carried out by hanging the tobacco in a well-ventilated barns, where the tobacco is allowed to dry over a period of four to eight weeks. Air-cured tobacco is generally low in sugar content, which gives the tobacco smoke a light, smooth, semi- sweet flavor. These tobacco leaves usually have a high nicotine content. Flue-cured Tobacco Leaves

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    Chewing them regularly will erase your habit of addiction. Replace your cup of milk tea with a cup of green tea or herbal tea. Radish is also a good thing to reduce the addiction of Tobacco. Instead of plain water, take warm water with cumin seeds boiled in it.

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    With a light bulb heat source directed toward the pile of air cured tobacco under it, place paper towels misted with water on top of the cured leaves. Place plastic wrap over it to hold in moisture. Using distilled water, mist the leaves twice a day to create the humid conditions required. The last step in the curing process is aging the tobacco.

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    Flue-cure tobacco by hanging it in a closed barn. Pipes from radiators or some other source supply controlled heat to the leaves until the starch is converted to sugar and the leaves turn yellow-orange. Sun-cure tobacco by setting it on racks in the sun for between 12 and 30 days.

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    The first stages in curing your tobacco leaves are the drying and colour curing of your tobacco to remove moisture and turn the leaf brown. Your tobacco leaves are about 90% moisture, so while each plant can give you 1 kilo (2 pounds) of tobacco leaves, the dried weight is only about 100 grams.

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    Fire-cured tobacco is hung in large barns where fires of hardwoods are kept on continuous or intermittent low smoulder and takes between three days and ten weeks, depending on the process and the tobacco. Fire curing produces a tobacco low in sugar and high in nicotine. Pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff are fire cured.

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    In the past Ive rolled cigars, cured tobacco for cigarettes, make my own faux latakia pipe tobacco and even chewed green tobacco leaves to see how they tasted. Its a hard life, doing science. Want to know how to make chewing tobacco?

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