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    Tobacco seeds from a plant that produces a very mild tobacco that cures to a light golden color. Superb for use in cigarettes & pipes. It grows 6 feet tall and produces a high yield. $2.99. Click To Purchase Online. Virginia Gold. The tobacco leaves from this plant cure to a light gold color. Makes a high quality smoking tobacco.

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    It air cures to a light reddish brown color. Maryland tobacco is commonly used as a blender. Matures in 55-60 days. Pay with any major credit card using PayPal: pack of 100 seeds $3.50 pack of 200 seeds $4.95 pack of 500 seeds $7.95.

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    Tobacco Seeds - Burley. $ 2.99. In stock. A fine commercial strain that is used for its hardiness and smooth flavor. A must for cigarette making. This plant grows fast and is a high yield producer. It is recommended to leave 14 leaves on the plant while pruning. Our Current Tobacco Seed Collection has over 20 of the most popular varieties

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    Tobacco Seeds - Black Sea Samsun Turkish NEW. $2.99. This Turkish tobacco is among the best money can buy. Originating in the Samsun region of Turkey, along the Black Sea, this tobacco is renowned for its unique rich flavor. This plant has smaller leaves than other strains, but a very distinctive aroma.

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    Cherry Red, Tobacco Seed. The Cherry Red Tobacco plant is a cigarette and cigar tobacco that is also a great ornamental herb that produces big, bright yellow-green leaves. This Bright Leaf variety is a heavy producing tobacco plant that can grow to be over 7 feet tall. The Cherry Red plant yields over 25 big leaves per plant that are 24" long

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  • Cigar Tobacco Seed Collection - Mountain Valley Seed Co.

    A premier cigar tobacco seed collection. Here is a collection of our three best selling cigar tobacco seed types. This collection comes with detailed planting instructions. Cuban Criollo 98 tobacco seeds, one of the most valued strains for Cuban cigars, Havana 608 tobacco seeds and Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco seeds.

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    The lower 5-6 leaves are used for cigars or pipe tobacco and the upper leaves are used for medium flavored cigarettes or for pipe tobacco. The huge leaves can be up to 24-30" long and 16" wide. A heavy producer. $2.50 per pack 40-50 seeds. $18.95 per bulk pack 1,000 seeds.

  • How to Grow Tobacco Indoors from Seeds: Beginner's Guide 2021

    Germinating Tobacco Seeds. The tiny tobacco seed is easy to overplant because of its size. Be sure to disburse seeds well. They should not be clumped together. Because they need temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees to germinate, it is best to grow them in a greenhouse or indoors.

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