homemade chewing tobacco alternatives

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  • Fake Chewing Tobacco Recipes - Healthy DIY DIP made from

    Herbal Apple ChewNature Dip with NO TOBACCO. Ingredients. 12 medium borage leaves plus 6-8 flowers (No borage? Use another herb like parsley. With parsley, blanch it first to reduce bitterness. Youll need 5 cups of parsley leaf tops with leaves.) 1 organic apple chopped with peel, core removed 4 sprigs cilantro 2 sprigs parsley 1 sprig marjoram

  • Chewing Tobacco Alternatives Teaza Energy

    Not All Smokeless Tobacco Alternatives Are the Same Sunflower seeds are a common pacifier for dippers wanting to mimic the sensations of chewing tobacco. Sucking out the Chewing gum is a popular way to curb cravings for smokeless tobacco not only because it keeps your mouth occupied, but

  • Chewing Tobacco Alternatives - Quit Dipping Tobacco with

    Youve probably already heard some of these before, but Ill go ahead and list them for any readers who may not have: 1. Nuts or Seeds Put some chopped nuts or seeds between your lip and gum (like you would dip). Sunflower seeds are the 2. Dried Fruit You can also try raisins, dried apples, dried

  • Smokeless Alternatives - KillTheCan

    Hey Tim Sadly, there really isnt much out there in terms of an alternative for long leaf tobacco. Your best best would be gum, sunflower seeds or shredded beef jerky. Im also a big fan of using Slim Jims as an alternative.

  • Farmer takes a bite out of the tobacco industry with chew

    It took six years but the Montana-based family business with four employees, Mr. Holt, his wife and two sons, has developed a healthy alternative to chewing tobacco and has sold over 50,000 cans

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  • The BEST 11 Smokable Herbs to make your own Herbal Tobacco

    Chamomile is a smokeable herb too, can be smoked as a tobacco substitute by gradually increasing its dosage while reducing that of tobacco cigarettes. Because chamomile is used to curb tension and anxiety, the available influences of smoking medicinal herbs may reduce the craving for tobacco until the negative patterns of smoking vanish entirely.

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    Jake's Mint Chew has helped thousands quit dipping tobacco. Order some today and be one of them! Jake's Mint Chew is made from quality mint. It has no tobacco, no nicotine, and no sugar. You still get great taste and something healthy in your lip. And you can swallow the juices. Mint is great for your digestion!

  • Simple loose leaf chew recipe Fair Trade Tobacco - How to

    Ingredients needed: Fruit juice of choice (100% juice works best), molasses, glycerine, salt Prepping the leaf (I used BigBonner's dark air.. good stuff!): 1. Lay out some paper towels and spray the dry leaf with some water on both sides. Get it good and wet and let them sit out and absorb the

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