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  • Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Shisha Flavors, Charcoal, Vape, E

    With Premium Hookah Flavors as the companys specialty, Fantasia has created many products to be the leaders in the Hookah Industry. Boasting over 100 flavors in a various product types, which include Hookah Tobacco, Herbal Shisha, E-Liquid, E-Hookah, E-Bowl and Vapor Stones, they have a wide array of products that is guaranteed to meet your customers demands and price comfort.

  • Fantasia Hookah Tobacco and Shisha Flavors at Hookah-Shisha

    Fantasia Hookah Tobacco and Shisha Flavors, An All American made Shisha Tobacco with fun flavors -, Fantasia hookah tobacco is hand made in the USA and features many unique flavors, including cocktail flavors - Fantasia shisha is high quality tobacco designed for the party lifestyle -

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  • Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Flavor Guide

    Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Flavor Guide. Many hookah smokers would describe Fantasia Shisha Tobacco is well-known for having a sweeter, more candy-like flavor. If you're looking for a departure from the more intense, tobacco-like shishas, then this is the brand for you! While there are the more popular flavors like Pink Lemonade, Orange Sherbet, and Bubble Gum that don't need any further flvaor explanation, there areother flavors that inspire you to say,"WTF is this supposed to be?"So, to the

  • Fantasia Hookah Shisha Tobacco Flavors - Texas Hookah

    FANTASIA TOBACCO FLAVORS . 4 Play . Ace of Spades . Adios M!#$% Apple Martini . Banana Foster . Black Martini . Blueberry Splash . Bubble Gum . Cactus Breeze . Candy Cane . Caramel Frappucino . Cherry Cola . Mon Cherry . Cosmopolitan . Cotton Candy . Cuban Mojito . Cupid's Arrow . Dragon Breath . Firecracker . Gingerbread . Guava Breeze . Ice Mint . Incredible . Jack & Coke . Joker . Mai Tai

  • Fantasia Hookah Shisha Flavored Tobacco SouthSmoke

    Some of the best Fantasia hookah flavors are based on traditional tastes. Names like Aurora (Pineapple), Hydroponics (Peach), and Red Lightning (Strawberry) add that extra bit of Fantasia flair to all your favorites. Fantasia makes even the most basic flavors taste extra full when smoking.

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  • Fantasia Shisha Tobacco - Hookah

    The tobacco used by Fantasia is grown in Europe and then blended with flavoring and other ingredients and packaged in the USA. With flavors that range from Apple Martini to Jager bomb this brand is sweeter and more candied than many other. Great for new smokers and those with a sweet tooth. Fantasia Packaging. Fantasia hookah tobacco is available in 50g., 100g., 200g., and 1000g. (1kg).

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    JuicyHookah as a company driven by core values is dedicated to the highest quality of services and customer satisfaction. We are proud to provide the best selection of hookahs, tobacco and accessories at affordable prices. Whatever taste you may have, we have got a hookah for you.

  • Ugly Hookah Shisha Tobacco Flavors at Hookah Company

    Ugly hookah tobacco flavor are now available and we're very excited for you to add some to your collection. This shisha is manufactured in Oak Lawn,IL and provides lengthy full flavored sessions with a great buzz. These handmade batches combine a multitude of flavor profiles to provide a unique flavor experience across any hookah setup.

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