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  • Extra Long Rolling Papers

    Home Rolling Papers by Size Extra Long Rolling Papers Due to the general way a rolling paper is rolled using Extra Long Rolling Papers is for most smokers an art in itself. The smoking paper brands available to the mass market dont cater for these type of papers.

  • Best Rolling Paper in 2020 - Rolling Paper Reviews and Ratings

    Single Single wide papers typically measure 2.6 -2.75 long x 1.33 1.41 wide. This single wide size is the most common and can easily be found anywhere. They can be difficult to roll cigarettes with but some love the slim profile. 1 This size rolling paper holds about 25% more tobacco than the single wide size does. This is the most popular size on the market due to the increased width that allows for a thicker cigarette.

  • Rolling Papers by Size

    Cigarette rolling paper sizes do vary from brand to brand, if you take as an example a 1 paper the width can be from 1.7 2.4 inches, these type of variations can been seen across all major brands selling smoking papers. The length tends to be the same across the paper brands but thicknesses will vary as well.

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  • Rolling Paper Sizes - The Smoking Store

    Single Wide: Generally speaking, the single wide rolling paper is 68-70mm in length and 34-36mm in width. This is about 2.75 x 1.4 inches. This size will vary slightly amongst cigarette brands and is considered to be fairly popular with the roll your own community. You would use a 70mm cigarette roller with these size rolling papers.

  • Rolling Paper Sizes

    Typically these papers will also be shorter than a 1 14 paper, and can classically found between 68mm - 70mm. This ratio is used to make sure that a full roll can be made for the entire structure if you decide to roll a cone-shaped cigarette.

  • Long and Extra Long Cigarette Filter Tips Long Filter Tips

    Extra Long Filter Tips will give you a a more enjoyable cooler smoke. Long cigarette filter tips provide a cooler smoother smoke then standard filters as the smoke has to travel through more filter before you inhale as well as catching more tar.

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